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Postgame Quotes After Win Over Bears

*Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer *

I was walking off the field today after we won with one of the defensive players and he said, "Coach, that was a great team win today", and I agree with him. We did a lot of good things as a football team, we didn't commit penalties, we didn't beat ourselves, we made plays when we had the opportunities starting out of the gate with the 13-play drive, 93 yards, go score a touchdown. They get the onside kick to start the second half and Brian Robison gets a strip sack and we get the ball back. We scored touchdowns when we had the opportunity to get in the redzone and when we got in the redzone today we converted third downs. I thought Teddy [Bridgewater] played well and my mom's got to keep coming back because she's undefeated when we're here. Questions?

Q: Who was the defender you were walking off the field with?

A: Just a guy.

Q: What have you seen from Teddy Bridgewater as of late that you didn't see earlier in the year as far as progressions go? Do you think the game is slowing down for him?

A: No, not really that. I think he just maybe feels a lot more comfortable with the things we're doing now. I think we're starting to settle into who we are, I think he's always seeing things good. We need him and the receivers and I know that the receivers get frustrated throughout the year, but [if] everyone loads up like they did today, they're blitzing almost every down to stop the run, guys jumping in gaps, guys jumping outside. When he can be effective like that and we can continue to move the ball on third downs and get it in third down situations. It was a big catch by Jarius [Wright] early in the ballgame, big catch by Kyle [Rudolph] early in the ballgame, convert third downs. So when we do things like that we're a pretty good football team. And defensively going back, we had a lot of guys out again today. This team, they've got some fight to them now. Guys step up and the expectations don't change for whoever goes in there. We expect them to go in and perform. Hopefully we'll get those guys back here next Sunday night, but I'm proud of the way this team fights. They're a bunch of fighters.

Q: What did you take out of that loss to Arizona?

A: Really, when teams believe – everybody in the world thought we were going to get killed by Arizona and we went out there and we played and fought – and sometimes you have to have something that happens within your football team, that you can believe. You can believe these young guys are going to go in there and play and play good. You can believe no matter how much we're up against the wall that we can continue to fight. That was kind of my message all week long. This is the team we have to be, this is who we are, we have to prepare with the same focus and I was on their rear ends pretty hard this week. We have to focus, we have to play with that mentality. Somebody texted me after the game last week and said, "Now that was playoff football." And when you watch guys go out and you watch them go play mean, that's what we need to do.

Q: Do you think your offensive line and defensive line set the tone early?

A: Yeah, I thought they did really good. The defensive line honestly has played really well all year long. We've had a lot of guys banged up and beat up in the backend, and the linebackers, and so, it's important that that group – and I've always said I want the offensive and defensive lines to kind of be the mentality of this organization, this football team. I thought we played a lot better today. They're probably tired of hearing me all week long, but I'm proud of them today. 

Q: How was Teddy Bridgewater able to rebound from the worst game of his career to perhaps the two best games of his career the last two weeks?

A: I don't know, he'll be up here in a minute, you can ask him. I think he's improved in some things that we've talked about. This is the time of year when teams become great, when you get to the finish line and you start seeing the opportunities that you have in front of us. This kid's a winner and it's not perfect all the time, but he is a winner. The scramble he had was a big scramble. It could be a combination of all of the things honestly.

Q: Have you worked on his mechanics during the season this year?

A: We've done it this year some too, yeah.

Q: What was the concern level about Adrian Peterson when he hurt his ankle and what did you think of his performance overall?

A: I loved his performance. I'm glad he's on my football team. I know it's hard to run into 11 guys. But I was watching something on TV last night and the thing is they talk about this is such a great team game because one guy can't beat 11. You need 11 guys. He's facing a lot of guys up in there and that's why we need guys like Teddy, and guys like Mike Wallace, and guys like Jarius [Wright] and [Stefon] Diggs to come and make some plays for us, and Kyle Rudolph and the offensive line as well.

*Q: What were you thinking when you saw your quarterback try to go over a guy at the goal line? *

A: Score, score I think.

Q: Do you hold your breath at all?

A: No, he's a young guy.

*Q: What did you think of Jerick McKinnon taking advantage of his playing time today? *

A: Yeah, I actually walked up to Jerick before the game today and I said, "Jerick, you're going to have a big game." He had a good week of practice, he had opportunities, he had chances to make plays. We involved him in probably a little bit more this week in the game plan and he's a good player, he's a good kid, a great player. He's a tough, tough guy. I like the way he runs. [Matt] Asiata ran good at the end as well. We have great kids with some ability.

Q: Do you think that strip sack by Brian Robison was a potential game-changer?

A: Well, it was definitely a momentum-changer because we're beating them pretty decently at that time and they get the onside kick and it's like, "What the heck is going on here?" I think they had a couple first downs or something and for him to get that, that was big, very big.

*Q: How did you evaluate how Sharrif Floyd and Tom Johnson did on the interior defensive line? *

A: It's really hard – I know we had five sacks and I know that we had him [Jay Cutler] under duress at times. I think [Danielle] Hunter did some good things. It's really hard for me to evaluate a lot of overall things when I'm just trying to hold on to my rear end most of the time.

*Q: Is this what the ideal Teddy Bridgewater game looks like with no huge plays or any yards coming in big chunks? *

A: That first touchdown he threw to [Stefon] Diggs was pretty big. He read the coverage, they were in man coverage, he knew he had that. When they lined up he said they might have the nine-route and he threw it in there. I don't think that there's an ideal game for Teddy Bridgewater. I think winning is ideal for him.

Q: What does it mean to get Stefon Diggs going in this offense again?

A: Each week I keep saying this, and each week is different. Sometimes he gets the opportunities, sometimes it's Rudolph. I think the more that we spread the ball around, the more it opens up for other guys and it's the same thing defensively. The more things guys can do and the more chances they get, then the more they get. That's why I like this team. It's a good team and they fight as a team.

Q: Is this the kind of impact we haven't seen in a while from the defensive front?

A: Yeah, it was the best week we've rushed in a while. Some of it was scheme, some of it was pressure. We beat guys today and that's good, but that's what we've got to continue to do. We need to play aggressive defensively in order to win football games. When you go back and think about some of the games we won early in the year, we were aggressive. We need to be an aggressive football team.

Q: Was more playing time for Danielle Hunter today because he is coming on as a rookie or Everson Griffen recovering from the injury?

A: A little bit of both. We wanted to use Everson more in passing situations today if we could, so [Danielle] Hunter was getting a lot more reps.

Q: Was causing Chicago to jump offside a few times just a function of the hard count?

A: Yeah, Teddy is pretty good at it. And we jumped offsides on the goal line, so that was not good.

Vikings Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater

I thought it was a great overall team win today. Hats off to the defense, those guys played exceptionally well today. They did a great job of keep Chicago's offense in check and they've been battling injuries. It was great to see those guys go out there and compete; it was a great overall team win today. The guys had the same mindset that Coach Zimmer had talked about, we had to come in with that same intensity, the same focus that we had last week and make sure that we were the ones on top this week. I think the guys did a great job of responding and hearing Coach Zimmer's message and going out there and executing today

Q: How much did getting off to a hot start on the first drive help today?

A: It was great getting in rhythm. Coach Turner put together a great game plan that allowed us to just go out there play fast, allowed us to go out there and execute at a high level. The guys had a solid week of practice and it showed today.

Q: Which completion are you most impressed with today?

A: The inside route to Mike Wallace up the seam; he was matched up with a linebacker, did a great job of just throwing it to his back shoulder and he did a great job of just making the catch. It started up front with the offensive line giving me some time, we just played pitch-and-catch.

Q: On Stefon Diggs' first touchdown catch was that designed to go to him from the start?

A: It was just a matchup that I liked and we wanted to take advantage of it. That's what you talk about, giving your guys a chance and [Stefon] Diggs did a great job at the line of scrimmage of getting a good release and all I had to do was just put it in an area where he could come down with it and he did just that.

Q: Could you sense a big game coming in practice this week

A: Definitely. The guys were locked in this week. We actually had some plays at practice this week that we had to repeat; I think it was a good job of just responding. I'm glad that we had to repeat some of those plays because it gave us better preparation. Coach Zimmer was on us all week about just getting the tempo going. We came out today, we scored on our opening drive, just set the tempo.

Q: Has the game plan emphasized yards after the catch the last couple of weeks?

A: The game plan has just been get the ball to your guys, allow those guys to make plays. Like I said, Coach Turner did a great job of mixing things up, keeping Chicago's defense off balance whether it was screen games, or play actions, or the quick passes. Today, sometimes we took our shots down the field; it's hard for a defense to handle all of those things. Like I said, Coach Turner did a great job of just putting everything together.

Q: Was this nice to have a strong showing passing the ball when you've had games where you've been so dominant running the ball as a team?

A: Oh definitely. It shows that when we do put the ball in the air that we're pretty good. We understand that each week the game plan is going to be different. We knew that coming into this game that Chicago had a pretty good pass-defense, I think they were 20th in the league in rush-defense. We had the hindsight that we may come in and rush the football because they have struggled stopping the run. Things happened today and the game plan allowed us to just go out there and throw the football around the park; the guys did a great job of making sure that they were the ones that came down with the football.* *

Q: What was it with the offense that allowed you to continue to be productive when Adrian Peterson was on the sideline?

A: The guys just played well today. Everyone responded to adversity well today. Like I said, Coach Turner put together a great game plan for us to go out there and play fast, the offensive line did a great job all day of just keeping me clean, opening holes for the run-game. The wide receivers did an awesome job today, the tight ends as well, talk about Zach Line, I think he averages a touchdown every time he touches the football. Those guys did a great job of just executing today, it was a great overall team win

Q: Would you talk about the Zach Line touchdown, it was an athletic move?

A: Oh yeah, by Zach [Line] or me? I had to jump over a guy too. No, it was pretty cool to see Zach get in the endzone again. Zach's a guy that does everything that we ask of him and like you said, it was a pretty athletic move of him to get in the endzone. Zach, he was a former running back in college, I think he holds some records at SMU. Zach is a pretty good guy, he's a great teammate and we're glad to have him.

Q: Did the landing on your rushing touchdown hurt?

A: Not at all. I braced myself for the landing. I thought the guy was going to dive at my legs, or something, that's why I left my feet. It was just great to come away with some points in that situation.

Q: Does it mean anything to you that you're the first Vikings quarterback to throw for four touchdowns in a game since Brett Favre?

A: That's amazing. Talk about Brett Favre being my idol. It all points back to Coach Turner calling a great game plan, allowing us to go out there and play fast today. The guys did a great job, like I said, whether it's every time I put the ball in the air my guys came down with it. I think we had one batted ball at the line, then the other two incompletions I don't really remember; I think one went over Matt [Asiata's] head. Our guys did a great job making sure that they came down with the football, the offensive line did a great job of protecting. It was just a great overall team win.

Q: Does your jump into the endzone on your rushing touchdown say something bigger about how you like to play football?

A: It's just having that competitive nature in you, I think that's what drove me to leave my feet right there. At the time, I think we had 24 points, I just remembered earlier in the week Coach Zim said he wanted us to score 30 points. It was a situation where I could have either went down or scored a touchdown to make sure that we got 30 points, I wanted to make sure that we got those 30 points for Coach Zim.

Q: Do you think there's more on your shoulders without Adrian Peterson in the game?

A: It's an overall team deal. Our guys doing a great job of responding to whoever is in the game, whether it's Adrian in the backfield, Matt [Asiata] or Jerick [McKinnon] or even if Shaun [Hill] is in at quarterback and I'm not out there; our guys do a great job of responding to whatever situation we're put in. We don't expect our level of completion or level of play to go down at all.  

Q: Do you think this is your best game as a pro?

A: It probably was. I'll probably have to look back at the tape and there's still going to be some adjustments that we could have made, some corrections that we have to make. Talk about these next two games now, being a playoff-atmosphere games for us. It was great just coming out here and responding. We have to shift our focus to next week; we have the New York Giants coming in here, it's our last game at TCF Bank Stadium. The fans have been great to us, the University of Minnesota has been great to us hosting us. We're going to have to shift our focus to that game and get ready for Sunday night. 

Q: Adrian Peterson said when he looks in your eyes he sees something different, is there anything to that, have you changed?

A: I haven't noticed it. It's probably something that the guys notice. I try to continue to lead these guys and be the leader of this team.

Q: Was this the most comfortable you've felt running this offensive scheme?

A: There's been times where I've been comfortable; you look back at the Detroit game on the road, the Atlanta game, last week, this game. We knew that coming in to the game that the game plan may be setup for us to throw the ball 18 times and rush it 30 times and we understand that. I'm comfortable with whatever situation we're put in as long as we're winning, that's all that matters.* *

Q: What makes you feel like if you make the playoffs that this could be a dangerous team in the post-season?

A: It's a group of guys who play this game with passion. We've been battling adversity; whether it's on the offensive side of the ball, losing two offensive linemen early in the year, or now at this point with Linval [Joseph], Anthony [Barr] and Harrison [Smith] being out, three of the stars on the defense being out - we've been battling adversity. It's a team that won't take no for an answer. Coach Zimmer said something, that once we get in this thing, no one can beat us but the Minnesota Vikings. It just says that we don't want to beat ourselves. We have a group of guys who understand that as long as we do what we're supposed to do, we won't beat ourselves.

Q: How good did it feel to see Jerick McKinnon score his first NFL touchdown?

A: It was great, I think I was more excited for him than he was. Wish he wouldn't have got the penalty. I was excited for that guy. He's been working extremely hard. He battled injuries last year, he did a great job for us today whether it was coming out of the backfield catching passes or just being in there protecting. When his number was called to rush the football he did a great job for us.

Q: Were you concerned about the hit that you took on the Jerick McKinnon touchdown?

A: Not at all. I didn't like that the defender dove at my knees, but I think the refs made a good call and we ended up with the touchdown so that's what mattered the most.

Q: Were you concerned you were injured on that play?

A: No, not at all. I know my body pretty well. I knew that I would be okay.

Vikings Running Back Adrian Peterson

Q: What happened to you?

A: You could call it an alligator tackle. They snap on and they twist. A guy rolled me up.

Q: A high ankle sprain or what do you have?

A: I really can't pinpoint it right now, but it was definitely an ankle sprain. I was able to get out and kind of get it loose, and I got it loose enough after about the first series and was able to get back out there.

Q: Do you have X-rays or anything?

A: No. The bone and everything is okay.

Q: Were you worried about being able to come back into the game?

A: Initially I was. You know I came in and was sitting around for a little bit, they taped it up and it got a little stiff on me. When I got out and was able to move around and get the muscles and tendons back firing, it got to a point where I was okay and I could go.

Q: Are you still going to have an MRI?

A: I don't know. I'm going in here to talk to the staff to see what they say and see what they suggest.

Q: What did you think of Teddy?

A: Outstanding job. The fight that this kid has, the determination and willpower, I've been talking about it all year. These past two weeks I've seen a different look in his eyes. I really don't have to say much to him. I say what I normally say to him, just play fast and play smart, but I see a look in his eyes and I know he's good and he's ready to go.

Q: His best game as a pro?

A: I don't know, I'd have to look at other games, but four touchdown passes and a touchdown run, I don't think it gets too much better than that.

Q: Is it comforting to see this team play that well offensively even when you're not available to them?

A: Without a doubt. If you look back on the sideline, I'm over there with a big smile on my face. So many guys contributed today. Obviously Teddy played outstanding, along with the running back group. We had two guys get into the end zone, Jerrick McKinnon and Zach Line. Tried to get Matt (Asiata) in there too, but it felt good to be on the sideline and be able to see those young guys get in there and get the job done.

Q: Is that the first time in your life you've ever said it felt good to be on the sideline?

A: Probably.

Q: The balance on the first drive seemed to be able to get you involved but also mix it up. What did you think of that first drive?

A: It was what Coach Turner asked from us. We knew coming in that we were going to mix it up. It could be a mixture of the run and the pass, sort of like last week, and we felt like that's when we're at our best. So we just came out today determined, and it was a good mix. We put our trust in him that he was going to do the right thing for us and put us in the best position to win and to be able to get down to the red zone and score points.

Q: How do you evaluate Jerrick McKinnon as an athlete and player?

A: He's probably one of the best athletes if not the best athlete on the team. He's strong, you look at him and you don't think he'd bench over 400 pounds, but he does. You don't think he'd squat over 500 pounds, but he does. He's quick and explosive. You know he keeps me on top of my game, I can tell you that.

Q: How much of a difference does it make when you guys are able to establish what you want to do early on, especially when you're not playing catch-up?

A: It's huge, any time you can jump out and put seven on the board and put pressure on their offense and their defense as well. The guys were able to get into a rhythm. That's what we preach about during preparation during the week. It feels good to come out and execute.

Q: How crucial during this playoff push is it to show what Teddy can do and what the wide receivers can do, and  even what Zach Line can do in addition to the running game?

A: It's very critical, you know there's been a lot of talk before last Thursday about Teddy, the receivers and the passing game. But guys kept saying hey, things are going to start rolling, things are going to start rolling, and we were able to get a taste of it last week. Unfortunately it was a loss, but to come back and duplicate that and have a great performance, it really makes our offense so much better because guys have to come in and teams have to come in and they have to respect what we're doing in the passing game, and have to respect what we're doing in the run game. That's a nightmare for a defensive coordinator.

Vikings Defensive End Brian Robison

Q: What do you think of the performance from the defensive line today?

A: I think our defensive line played a heck of a game today. We had a great game plan. We executed it. I think all the guys that played had a part in it, in some way or another.

Q: How big of a momentum shift was your strip sack, after the Bears picked up their onside kick to begin the second half?

A: You definitely want to try and change the momentum back. Anytime you come out of the half and make a big play like they did with the onside kick, you want to try and find a way to get the momentum back on your side. I think it was a huge play for us.

Q: What does it say about your defensive line unit? Seemed like every single player made a play at some point today.

A: It was truly a team effort for us. It was a group effort from our defensive line. That's just the way we play. You never know when it's going to be your opportunity. Unfortunately for me I missed two sacks today but we had guys there were able to clean it up. That's what it's all about. When you have an opportunity in front of you, make sure you take advantage of it.

Q: Was this your best game as a unit today so far this season?

A: Obviously we will have to wait until we get back and watch the tape before we make a statement like that. I think from what we saw today on the field, it would be hard for us to say it wasn't.

Q: Can you comment on Justin Trattou? He has been active for three games this season and he has nabbed two interceptions.

A: I'm starting to think we need to put him in coverage more. That's just the thing about our unit. We have so many guys that I think can play some good ball. You see a guy like Trattou who really hasn't seen a lot of playing time this season, but when he does he has been making some splash plays for us. I think that really just speaks volumes about our unit.

Vikings Linebacker Chad Greenway

Q: You've been around some great defensive lines, but what makes this one so effective?

A: I think our ability to rush the interior. When you can move Tom (Johnson) around and Brian (Robison) around and then having a guy like Sharrif (Floyd) who can rush the quarterback really well. I think we can rush from every angle. I think that will serve us well in the long run.

Q: What's it mean to this team to be able to bounce back after the last two weeks after the tough game against Seattle?

A: Seattle was such a bad game for us, I think all across the board we didn't play like ourselves. I thought that we have been playing more like us the last two weeks. We have to do a good job of continuing to focus. Even today we did a lot of good things, but we need to continue to improve. I think our defensive line saved us in some cases today.

Q: In the second quarter you kind of took control of the game, how big was that?

A: Coming out of the half was so big, scoring before halftime was huge and I think that coming right back out of half and their offense getting the ball could have been a pivotal change, so that's why I think Brian's play was so huge.

Vikings Cornerback Captain Munnerlyn

Q: Is it a we want each man for himself type attitude?

A: We try to hold each other accountable and go out there and have fun. I told the guys before the game, "Put a smile on your face. It is still football at the end of the day. Let us go out there fly around and have fun." I feel like we did that today, and we came away with a win.

Q: Why did you say that?

A: Some guys are uptight because we knew how important this game was. We can't sit here and say that we didn't know how important this game was, and just to let the guys know that this is football in late December to make a playoff run. We have to know our Ps and Qs and go out there and execute.

Q: Did they smile?

A: Yeah they smiled. 

Q: Do you have a little anxiety waiting to see if you technically get in this week? Or are you just kind of not worried about that tonight, and just the fact that you got the win and that you did what you needed to do?

A: We did do what we needed to do, but at the same time I am sure we are going to be checking scores and seeing what is going on in the league and see if we already clinched the playoff spot. I think that is just human nature. You want to know if you are in or not, so we just have to take care of what we can do. We can only control what we can do, so we have to keep winning and see where we go from there.

Vikings Defensive End Everson Griffen

Q: You've had some key guys out, but it's next man up, right?

A: Yeah, that's the way it has to be. We have 53 men on the roster and whenever you get your opportunity to go out there and do your job at a high level then you have to go do it, and that's what the guys are doing. We're playing good football and that's all you can ask for. Guys come in and fight and do their job.

Q: How much fun is it to be in this playoff chance?

A: It's fun. Now we have to get back to the drawing board and get ready for the Giants. We're 9-5 and we have to keep on doing what we're doing.* *

Q: Did you like your effort against Chicago and Jay Cutler?

A: Our effort was good, but you can always step up the effort. We just have to keep taking it to the next level each and every game.

Q: You guys didn't need a lot of blitzing to get to him today, why was the four man rush so effective?

A: We know they had a good game plan and we schemed them up well. Whenever we got our opportunity we had some good one-on-ones and we went out there and dominated, but we have to keep doing that week in and week out.

Vikings Running Back Jerick McKinnon

Q: You've taken your shots when you get your chance to make those big plays, was it gratifying when your number was called?

A: Definitely; whenever I get the opportunity I try to make the most out of it. Today I got more opportunities and I was trying to find a way to make a big play or a first down for the team. Thanks to the offensive line for protection and everybody's routes clearing out defenders gave me a chance.

Q: On the screen plays executed was there something you saw on film that told you these weren't going to be short yardage plays but big plays?

A: I feel like any time you run a screen there's a chance it can be a big play if you catch the defense off guard. In my mind I was trying to be patient and stick with it. Teddy found me and I had some daylight ahead of me.

Q: Were you surprised how off guard you were able to catch the Bears?

A: I wouldn't say off guard. I think as an offense we do a lot of things well. We know how well we can execute and make plays and today we found a lot of different ways to make plays.

Q: This offense has gone as Adrian has gone, why was this day different?

A: We have a lot of people who contribute and who can make plays. We have a lot of playmakers on offense and at any given time it can be a big play. Everybody is waiting on their opportunity and when they get it they make plays.

Q: Is this another level of Teddy you haven't seen before?

A: I wouldn't say so because everybody believes in Teddy because the type of player he is and the type of potential he has. Today was another good day for him and everybody has seen it. He's playing at a high level right now.

Vikings Defensive End Justin Trattou

Q: With that screen play, was it just you reading the play correctly?

A: Yeah, pretty much. I saw everyone go behind me. I felt the screen and I dropped back a little bit and he threw up the ball and I got it.

Q: Was that your key when you were rushing for a screen to drop back?

A: Yeah, I was trying to find the back but I didn't have time to find him so I looked into the quarterback's eyes and I saw where he was throwing it.

Q: Talk about the effort from the defensive line today with not having Linval Joseph?

A: I think we are a top defensive line in the league. One man goes down, the next guy has to step up. That is just how we're taught and that's what we're going to do.

Q: Heck of a week for you. Just take us through the emotions you were experiencing this week?

A: It all works out in the end. I'm not worried about it.

Vikings Wide Receiver Stefon Diggs

Q: It seems like there were a lot of crossing routes.

A: I don't want to talk game plans on the camera, but as far as what we did is what you saw and as far as Teddy and his passes, he put everyone in position to be successful.

Q: It looked like if you didn't catch it, it wasn't going to be caught, so it was perfect placement right?

A: Yeah, it was a front pocket as we call it. Everyone has a front pocket where you keep your pens and your notepads, but that is where he threw it at, and it was a perfect place. You can't ask for more as a receiver than when they put the ball right in your hands, and for that I really pat him on the back.

Q: How about Teddy leading your receivers and the yardage you were able to get after catching the ball today?

A: Like I have been saying this whole time, Teddy Bridgewater just puts everybody in position to be great. As far as he puts you in a position to be successful, he makes plays, and he creates things back there and makes it happen. I can't give you the formula; you have to ask him.

Q: You guys are playing your best football at the most important time of the year. Anything special about that?

A: We work hard in the offseason and at training camp. We work hard to play well right now, as far as the end of the year and these last games and you want to play really well so you have to do everything you can, and coach tells us to put in all of that extra work that we need to and go out and perform. That is all that matters when you put it together on Sundays.

Q: How does it feel to be back in the end zone? It has been several games since you scored?

A: I don't really think too much of it. It always feels good to get in the end zone, and it is always good to get a touchdown with your guys

Q: You can't do your digging thing if you don't score right?

A: I don't even do it all the time, but I do it every once in a while when it's time.

Q: After that first touchdown what are you looking for as a receiver? Do you even see the ball coming or does it just kind of drop over your shoulder and you hope it is right there?

A: As far as how we practice it, he puts it in the same place every time, so it is just following it and timing and knowing where you need to be, and after that making a play on it.

Vikings Defensive Tackle Sharrif Floyd

Q: Is that your best game as a defensive line this season?

A: That was our best game as a unit. We can't really think about it. We have to move on and we have to work just as hard as this week to prepare for the next.

Q: Why was the defense so successful? You seemed really disruptive.

A: That's just my style. I'm still going to be Shariff Floyd, and I'm still going to play just how the coaches need me to play.

Q: What was your take away from Teddy Bridgewater?

A: Offense clicking on all levels and Adrian was clicking on all levels. You can't take away from that. Offense helped defense today and defense helped the offense today. They get a touchdown and we went out and got stops. It's just give and take between us and that's what makes us a unit.

Vikings Defensive Tackle Tom Johnson

Q: Talk about the chaos and pressure with the four sacks you had on Jay Cutler today?

A: We knew we needed this game to have a chance to continue to the playoffs. The guys already knew we had to go out aggressive. We knew he was going to hold the ball and try and go down the field at times. We were able to capitalize on that.

Q: How would you describe the defensive line as a whole?

A: I think we're just gelling really well. The guys really love each other. We go out here every day. We practice every day. We complement each other's strengths and weaknesses. You never know each and every Sunday what guy is going to make the big play. As long as everyone does their job, good things will happen.

Q: What does it say about the defensive line unit when you lose a guy like Linval Joseph and you don't really lose much with the next guy coming in?

A: Linval (Joesph) is a great guy. I think he still has a chance to make the Pro Bowl because he has been so dominate this season. It's hard to be able to replace a guy like that because he does the job so well. We came in and were able to attack different angles today. We'll be glad when Linval comes back and we'll be able to build off of it.

Q: How has this experience been for you? You have had a long journey during your professional career.

A: It's great. I love this team. Everybody is hungry. We don't have guys that are selfish and are always about themselves. It's all about the next person. It's about the team and comradery. It makes you want to fight for them. It makes you want to do your best, do your job and make plays when it's your time to do so.

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