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Pass the Chips ... the Microchips

Tortilla, potato, micro.

At least three types of chips will be passed this fall.

The NFL has embedded microchips in footballs to assist with information gathering that will be used in Next Gen stats.

ESPN *Monday Night Football *producer Jay Rothman discussed the technology implementation during a recent conference call with reporters to discuss the fast-approaching season. The 48th year of *MNF *broadcasts will commence when the Vikings host the Saints at 6:10 p.m. Monday at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Players have worn chips embedded in their pads for the past three years, and the technology has assisted in capturing things like Xavier Rhodes' breakaway speed during his 100-yard interception return for a touchdown last season against Arizona.

Rothman said he and the *MNF *crew look forward to incorporating more info into broadcasts.

"We've worked really hard on mining what we think is some interesting data that will lead to interesting storytelling and documentation throughout the season, much of which really hasn't been on the air thus far," Rothman said.

The NFL Competition Committee plans to keep some information private, but Rothman said release times of quarterbacks will be measurable data that can be relayed to audiences.

"We're going to walk before we run, but I do think there's some really, really interesting things we're going to get both from the players and from the football, and we're excited about that," Rothman said. "And hopefully we'll be smart about when that gets placed into the telecast, nothing forced in, but there are times where I think we'll be able to enhance the moment."

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