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New Year, New Additions: Vikings Families Growing in 2021


It seems fair to say that most – if not all – were happy to turn the calendar page from 2020 to 2021.

A near year brings hope, goals and an opportunity for fresh beginnings. And for some, new additions to the family.

For this quarter's Vikings Newborn Club newsletter, we're highlighting three Vikings families that will be growing in 2021: C.J. and Stephanie Ham, Adam and Caitlin Thielen, and Corri (Zimmer-White) and Loy White.

In August, C.J. and Steph revealed they will be welcoming their first son – not counting their beloved Siberian Husky, Grizzly – this winter.

C.J. also posted the video to his Instagram with the caption, "Third time's a charm!"

The Hams are looking forward to becoming a family of five, as their little boy will join big sisters Skylar and Stella.

"C.J. and I are super excited to be adding another Little Ham to the crew!" Steph told "In a year of ups and downs, finding out that we're having another baby, much less our first son, was definitely the highlight.

"Both the girls are so excited and are going to be the most helpful and loving big sisters to their baby brother," Steph added.

The Thielens are also looking forward to a first for their family; Asher and Hudson will become big brothers to a new little girl due in June.

Adam and Caitlin made an initial announcement shortly before Christmas…

… and on New Year's Day, they creatively revealed that a daughter will be joining the clan.

"So many reactions but mostly shocked and just so pumped. I have two older brothers, so it's extra special because I loved growing up with them – most of the time," Caitlin quipped with a smile. "Adam's so excited but kind of shocked. [He] didn't think it was going to be a girl. But he's excited to spoil [her]!"

While the Thielens and Hams are each preparing to welcome their third child, Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer is about to take on a new role altogether: Grandpa.

Corri Zimmer-White, one of Zimmer's two daughters, shared recently that she and her husband Loy are expecting their first … children. The couple was in for quite a surprise when they found out they're expecting twins this summer.

Corri and Loy broke the news with a photo taken at Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center during a snowstorm.

"We were completely shocked when the doctor showed us two babies on the monitor at my first sonogram," Corri said. "It took us a couple days to get use to the idea of two newborns, but we couldn't be more excited for this new adventure!"