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New Vikings Stadium News & Notes - May 22, 2015

Final Concrete Columns Poured

The new Vikings stadium reached another major milestone earlier this week with the pouring of the last vertical concrete column. Over the last 16 months, thousands of concrete trucks poured over 17,500 cubic yards of concrete that make up 1,200 concrete columns on the stadium site. If placed end to end, the concrete columns would stretch approximately 5.3 miles.

Next month, the stadium's final ring beam concrete will be placed, meaning the vast majority of concrete work will be completed. Remember you can watch the construction process 24/7 with the live stadium webcam.

Vikings Creating Technology Infrastructure to Match Scope of Stadium

In case you missed it, Star Tribune reporter Rochelle Olson took a look last Sunday at the team's new stadium technology plans, including a smartphone app that will engage fans from the moment they leave their house through the entire game day experience. Check out Olson's piece, titled “Minnesota Vikings creating technology infrastructure to match scope of big stadium.”

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