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MVC Auditions: Prep Classes

Each year the MVC offer prep classes to anyone who is interested in coming to try out for the team. This year we are integrating our Workshop and prep classes together. Each week we will learn about a different aspect of being an MVC. Examples of things to be talked about at the first half of our prep classes are- hair and makeup, time management, tryout preparations, time management, practicing for the interviews ect! After the workshop portion of the class is over we head over and warm up, stretch, do across the floor routines and learn a routine of a different dance style each week. Once the dance has been learned you get one on one feedback and encouragement from current MVC, and our prep class coaches Laura and Stephanie.

There is an award given out at the end of the class called the Prep Class Stand Out Award! This award is given by the Prep Class Staff to someone who really caught their eye during the class. When you receive this award, it grants you an automatic bid to the final round of open auditions! This allows the judges to get an extra look at you before cuts are made for the semi-final round.

2017 MVC Prep Class Information:

Date: Thursdays, March 2 – March 30

Time: 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Location: Winter Park – 9520 Viking Dr. Eden Prairie, MN 55344

*Please park across the street in the ramp located in the Olympic Place Building.

*Cost: $25 each            *

Prep Classes will get you prepared for tryouts, making you feeling confident, and looking your best. Prep Classes will help you through the journey of MVC Auditions and can truly help you get to the next level.

GOOD LUCK and we'll see you at open auditions on April 2nd!!

MVC's Saral and Taylor

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