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Monday Morning Mailbag: Chad Greenway Edition

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There is a twist in this week's Monday Morning Mailbag. Although there have been many great questions submitted by fans to me, as usual, I filed them away for next week's mailbag to make way for Vikings LB Chad Greenway to answer a few questions this week. My thanks to chad for guest authoring this week's Monday Morning Mailbag. I hope you enjoy gaining his perspective on these questions and I look forward to taking your questions this week and posting some of them in next week's mailbag.

View some of the best images of the Vikings linebackers from the offseason program.

Do you think Eric Kendricks will get a starting spot to begin the season or does he still need some improving? -- Bryce Paulson Larimore, ND

Eric is a great young player, and it will be a great competition in training camp. I anticipate he will help us win a lot of games this year.

Do you think Xavier Rhodes will move around the field to cover the other team's best receiver? Or will he stay on one side of the field? -- Mario Cannistra

Xavier is quickly becoming one of the elite corners in the game, and we hope he locks down everyone's best receiver. 

How would you evaluate Linval Joseph's season last year? And do you see Shamar Stephen rotating with Linval and Shariff more often this season? -- Ian Henley Alhambra, CA

Linval is a space eater up front with quick hands and super-human strength. Our defensive linemen are used to having a rotation and I think it works best to keep them fresh.

Who would win in a foot race: Charles Johnson, Cordarrelle Patterson or Mike Wallace? -- Jack Cullinan

All freaky fast guys, but I see Mike winning that.

Who is the beast of the weight room? Who can bench press the most and how much? -- Bud Vacaville, CA

Everson Griffen, Brian Robison, Linval and Sharrif Floyd are all crazy strong guys. 

Chad also took some time to answer fan-submitted questions on Twitter. You can follow him at @chadgreenway52.

What can you say about our linebacker chemistry so far?

-- Memo De La Rosa


Gonna be a special group! We are young, ahem except for me. Lol

Is there any one play that you remember making that surprised you that you were able to make when it was over?

-- Ken Johnson


Sack on Alex Smith in 2011.

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