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Meet the Captains - 2017 MVC Lauryn


Meet the Captains - 2017 MVC

The 2017-2018 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders have announced their team captains, who will lead the team during this exciting and historic season in preparation for the first Super Bowl hosted at U.S. Bank Stadium. The team captains have proved themselves as accomplished veterans and have earned the honor of guiding our team for the upcoming season. Coming from diverse dance backgrounds and combining a wide range of strengths, this set of captains is one of the most qualified in MVC history. Meet the captains of your 2017-2018 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders!


Returning as a team captain for her third year, MVC Lauryn is excited to lead this team in representing the Vikings organization in the best way possible. Lauryn captained prestigious dance teams both in high school and at the collegiate level, which has prepared her to guide one of the most talented cheerleading teams in the NFL. Lauryn (commonly referred to as "Lo" by her teammates) is a high-achieving veteran who won the Angel Award last season, being known for her positivity, kind spirit and bubbly personality. She has represented the MVC internationally on military tours as well as in London and Mexico. Lauryn has learned a lot during her past six seasons on the team, and she credits MVC for developing her into the excellent leader she is now.

"Being a leader has helped me grow in my confidence, public speaking, empowering of myself and others, working through challenges and so much more," Lauryn said. "One of the great things about this is that these leadership qualities carry over into other areas of my life such as in the workplace, with my friends and family, etc. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to lead such amazing women! They have helped shape me into the woman and leader I am today."

Lauryn is excited for the fans to meet this year's MVC, and she wants the fans to know one thing in particular about the 2017 team:

"One thing I would like the fans to know about our team this year is that we truly have one of the best teams that the MVC has ever seen," Lauryn said. "I have no doubt we will provide the fans with great entertainment on the field and around the stadium. We can't wait for Game Day!"

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