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Lunchbreak: Moss-Hartman Connection Featured on MMQB

The return of receiver Randy Moss to Minnesota last week garnered attention across the league.

While Moss, now an ESPN analyst, thought he was meeting with the Vikings regarding future happenings during the week of Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis, he instead received the surprise announcement that he will be inducted into the Vikings Ring of Honor on Sept. 11.

Moss' visit drew the attention of MMQB's Peter King specifically because of a photo taken by Vikings Director of Public Relations Tom West. King used the word "beautiful" to describe the photo that depicts 97-year-old Hartman conducting a 1-on-1 interview with 40-year-old Moss. King, who was a guest on Hartman's radio show last week, wrote the following:

On Sunday morning from 9 to noon, Hartman hosted his weekly radio show on WCCO in Minneapolis. It's been a community staple for more than 20 years. […] Hartman doesn't hear as well as he used to, and sometimes the questions have to be re-asked to him. But he answers them. 'Why,' I asked Hartman, 'Does someone your age who grew up in a different world than guys like Moss get along with them so well?'

"I can't explain it," Hartman told King. "It's just worked out from day one."

Moss told King, "I love Sid" and said that the conversation he had with Hartman in Executive Director of Public Relations Bob Hagan's office last week was "so genuine."

"I loved it, really. Good or bad, our relationship developed," Moss said. "Through everything, Sid showed me respect. To sum it up, I am speaking for a lot of the guys I played with here in Minnesota: He earned his stripes. He earned our respect, by working, by being there. He's done it, for so long, for so much of history. He's seen so much. He's old enough to be our great-grandfather."

Yotter on '3 Things to Love' about 2017 Vikings

The Vikings Organized Team Activity practices and mandatory minicamp are in the books.

In anticipation of the next offseason phase, training camp that will kick off in Mankato in July, Tim Yotter of *Viking Update *took a look at "3 things to love" about the 2017 Vikings as they stand now. In addition to Teddy Bridgewater's rehab progress and Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer experiencing significant improvement in his right eye after an eighth procedure, Yotter said that Laquon Treadwell "turning a corner" is something to be excited about. He wrote:

First-round picks always have high hopes and carry big expectations on their shoulders. Not all of them, however, have a lingering injury from college to add challenges to their immersion into the NFL. Laquon Treadwell had all of that in 2016, as well as a season that was somewhere between disappointing and bust.

Now he is looking to avoid the "bust" label from a greater perspective. Spring practices have brought into bloom his former explosiveness. He looks quicker, more sure of himself and therefore has greater confidence. He's also been working as the No. 3 receiver and looking pretty sharp doing it.

PFF: Danielle Hunter led 2nd-year edge defenders in 2016

Throughout the offseason, Pro Football Focus has put together infographics that rank and illustrate players' performances in various categories.

On Friday, PFF posted a graphic that tabbed Hunter as the No. 1 edge defender among second-year players in 2016. The analytics site used a "pass rush productivity rating that measures pressure created on a per-snap basis with weighting toward sacks."

Hunter, who led the Vikings with 12.5 sacks, topped the list with a PRP rating of 11.5. Coming in at No. 2 and No. 3, respectively, were Broncos DE Shane Ray (11.1) and Seahawks DE Frank Clark (10.9).

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