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Lunch Break, June 3: Zimmer-Peterson Bond Pays Off

Tuesday was a good day for the Vikings. Their star RB – Adrian Peterson – returned to the team and took part in Organized Team Activity No. 4. He also spoke to reporters at a press conference inside the team's training facility, addressing several questions and topics in a "clearing the air" kind of dialogue.

Along with Cam Newton's contract extension in Carolina, Peterson's return was the NFL's major storyline on Tuesday and continues to be a lively talker at water coolers and on television and radio stations across the country. There have been a lot of moving parts and there continues to be many tentacles to the conversation even now, but ESPN's Ben Goessling reports in the end, the situation was resolved because of the relationship between Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer and Peterson.

"Make no mistake: Zimmer's relationship with Peterson -- forged through eye-to-eye meetings and candid conversations between two alpha males in a short time last year -- was a major reason the 2012 NFL MVPis back in his familiar No. 28 uniform *today,"* wrote Goessling.

What's fascinating about Goessling's contention is that Zimmer is known to be a no-nonsense, stoic, disciplinarian by media and fans, yet those who play for him characterize him as a player's coach. It's a huge credit to Zimmer that he's able to forge and merge both identities.

Projected 2015 Starters: Minnesota Vikings has been doing a "Projected 2015 Starters" series. With Peterson's return to the Vikings on Tuesday, the League's website took the opportunity to update its piece on the Vikings projection for 2015.

The series projects the defensive and offensive starters for the team its profiling and then also includes several bullet points that provide deeper analysis. This was the first bullet Connor Orr provided on the Vikings:

Every time I look at the **Vikings*' roster, I like it even more. If everything comes together, this team can absolutely make a playoff run in 2015. What do I like the most? Strength up front and at the corner positions, assuming [Xavier Rhodesinternal-link-placeholder-1] develops and first-round pick [Trae Waynesinternal-link-placeholder-1]comes in as advertised.*

Orr also writes that aside from Peterson the Vikings have put a solid corps of weapons around QB Teddy Bridgewater and he also notes how the Vikings have put a pair of college teammates – UCLA's Anthony Barr and Eric Kendricks – at the heart of Zimmer's defense. 

NFL looking for more international games

The NFL has already done a great job of bringing its game to the United Kingdom. While the League continues with that initiative, it is also looking to expand its international presence to other parts of the globe.

Where exactly? This piece on quotes Mark Waller, the NFL's executive vice president for international, as pinpointing three potential spots.

"As for where we go next? We started the work that really looks at Germany, Mexico, potentially Brazil," Waller said. "Those are probably the three markets where we are most likely to play an international series game next, outside of the UK."

Top 25 fantasy players since 1995

In Tuesday's Lunch Break we pointed out a fantasy mock draft. In today's Lunch Break, we have another fantasy component – the top 25 fantasy football players since 1995.

There were a few Vikings on the list.

Click this link to find out which ones made it.

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