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Lunchbreak: Kirk Cousins Checks in with Conor's Corner

Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins checked in with Conor's Corner this week.

The podcast is hosted by Conor O'Meara, a young man with autism who lives in St. Paul.

The episode was the 109th in the history of Conor's Corner, which airs on WFNU 94.1 Frogtown Community Radio at 10 a.m. every Monday.

Conor frequently reps the Vikings in a No. 8 Cousins jersey like Minnesota has worn in its Color Rush games, and he asked Cousins about his favorite uniform.

"I like when we go with the all-purple. I've also liked going with the all-white on the road," Cousins told Conor. "I think that's been a good look, so maybe I'm just kind of partial to all-purple or all-white."

Conor prepped an extended interview that included questions about Cousins' favorite part about being a pro football player, his thoughts on the NFL Draft, what will be the strengths of the Vikings team this season and how things have been with new leadership (General Manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and Head Coach Kevin O'Connell).

"We've had a lot of change around the organization over the last few months," Cousins said. "I guess every year in the NFL there's change, but certainly in the case of a new head coach and new GM, as a result of a new head coach, you have an entirely new staff, a new system, a lot of changes, but I do think we have good leadership and a great group of veteran leadership of players. I think that will help with the changes and with the adjustment.

"We're just kind of in the early stages now of learning the playbook and the plan and how they want us to get things done and working hard to make sure it become second nature so we can do it instinctively."

They also discussed Cousins' offseason workout routine and his extensive weekly in-season preparation.

Do you have any advice for people with disabilities trying to handle challenges in their lives?

"Well, I think we all have our struggles, and some of them are more hidden than others, but we have challenges. I think it's important to understand that until you can walk a mile in someone's shoes and really understand what they go through, it's important that we all give each other grace and understand everybody is going through something," Cousins said. "I just try to be loving and caring to the people around me the best I can and try to brighten their day the best I can. I know that being on this interview with you on Conor's Corner is brightening my day, so I appreciate the impact you have when you do this podcast."

Click here to listen to the full interview.

Kudos, Conor, on a great interview with Kirk and your ability to brighten other people's lives.'s Trotter lists '1 person to root for' on every NFL team

There are plenty of players to like on the Vikings roster and also on rosters across the league. columnist Jim Trotter recently highlighted "one person to root for" from each of the 32 teams. As for Minnesota, he said he's behind cornerback Patrick Peterson all the way. Trotter wrote:

I marvel at not only his football skills but also his 4 handicap in golf. He's had a lot of time to work on his game over the past six seasons, with no playoff appearances. It would be great to see that change.

Vikings fans can certainly agree with Trotter's above comments.

It's always interesting to note who pundits are looking at within the NFC North division, as well. In the Windy City, Trotter is hoping to see Bears quarterback Justin Fields succeed.

Young signal-callers often fail not because of a lack of talent, but because they're dropped into dysfunctional situations. Here's to hoping this offseason's coaching and management changes give Fields a more stable foundation on which to build.

Interestingly, Trotter didn't choose a player from Detroit or Green Bay but instead highlighted a staff member from each organization he's cheering for: Lions Head Coach Dan Campbell and Packers Assistant Director of Communications Sarah Quick.

View photos of the Vikings 2022 coaching staff.

We often shake our heads at some of [Campbell's] strange and colorful soundbites, but really, it's a welcome change in a league of coaches whose Crayola boxes are filled with shades of gray. Beyond that, his team played with grit from Game 1 through Game 17 last season, which speaks to his ability to connect with players.


News that [Quick] celebrated her 20th year with the Packers earlier this offseason can only mean she began working for the team while in middle school. She can always be counted on for a helpful hand and friendly smile, which makes her a favorite.