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Water Break: Jordan Addison's Quick Start Part of 'Gamer' Mentality 

Vikings receiver Jordan Addison made his NFL debut in scoring fashion against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Addison recorded his first NFL touchdown early in the second quarter of the Vikings home opener. The 39-yard longball showcased Addison's breakaway speed and nose for the end zone. His 62-yard score at Philadelphia in Week 2 made him the third rookie in team history to catch a touchdown in each of his first two games.

The 21-year-old had a memorable day, even if it didn't include a Vikings victory.

We sat down recently for a Water Break presented by Crown Royal.

Q: What are you going to do with your game jersey and first touchdown ball?

A: It's in the crib. I'm hanging that up. First touchdown, gloves, jersey. I need all that.

Q: Were there any loved ones in the stadium who helped make your first NFL touchdown even more special?

A: My mom was in the stadium. I know it's crazy for her to see her kid come up and living his dream. And then in his first game in the NFL he scores a touchdown. So I know that was real big for her to see. And that made me real proud, too. So shoutout, Mom.

Q: What did it mean for your siblings to see your NFL debut?

A: That meant a lot. I'm the youngest in my family. They saw me put in all the work that I put in and just came a long way from that 5-year-old that was running around in the backyard with the ball. So just me putting on for my family, I'm giving them confidence. Whatever they decide to put their mind to, they can go out and achieve whatever. They just gotta go out and do it. I feel like that is what I am showing.

Q: Can you share what it was like growing up with six older brothers?

A: I have a lot of brothers. So, in summertime, we'd be at my dad's crib and it's all boys. So, once you got off that stick (video games), when you play the game, you want to make sure you stay on there because it's a lot of us, so once you lose you are not getting back on there for a couple of hours. Some of the best memories (I have) is just playing 'Madden.'

Q: Did you find any tricks to beat your brothers in 'Madden'?

A: It was just, 'don't lose,' is all I can really say. I'm throwing it. I'm running it. I'm doing everything. You had to be able to do it all.

Q: Speaking of 'Madden,' have you had a chance to play as Jordan Addison in 'Madden 24'?

A: Oh yeah, as soon as the game dropped. I have got to get my rating up a little bit. So I need to score a couple more touchdowns. But as soon as it came out, I was playing with my dude.

View photos of Vikings WR Jordan Addison's first career touchdown he hauled in during the Week 1 Vikings vs. Buccaneers game at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Q: The only word in your Instagram bio is "gamer." Why is that?

A: I'm just a gamer. And not just video games, in whatever I do or whatever you need me to do. I'm going to go out there and just do it and adapt to whatever it is. I feel like when I'm on the field I'm just gaming.

Q: After being a gamer on Sundays, how does Jordan Addison relax?

A: Go to the crib. Eat some good food, chill. I'll probably play the game. If not, I'll probably just watch the rest of the games and watch some of the highlights on YouTube. Listen to music, too. Nothing too crazy.

Q: What other games are on your console these days?

A: I've been on 'Madden' a lot recently. They came out with this 3-on-3 showdown thing. So I've been stuck on that for a little bit. That and 'Call of Duty.' And some '[NBA] 2K.'

Q: Can you rank those three games?

I'm gonna go 'Madden' first. 'Call of Duty' and then '[NBA] 2K.'

Q: Are you the best gamer on the Vikings?

A: I can't say I'm the best gamer because I lost to Jet (Justin Jefferson). Like, I got blown out. So we're gonna get him back. The rematch is coming soon. You all might as well pull up and record it.