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Iced-Out Kirk Cousins Joins 'Manningcast' During Ravens-Saints

Kirk Cousins' iced-out postgame vibe extended into Monday Night Football.

The Vikings quarterback joined Peyton and Eli Manning for the ESPN2's "Manningcast" during the third quarter of the game between the Ravens and Saints.

The conversation started with "Kirko" going shirtless and wearing teammates' chains on the charter flight before leaving Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

"There's you on the plane, you look cold. Is that because you're not wearing a shirt or because of the ice around your neck right there," Eli asked.

Cousins replied "a little of both right there."

"It really started coming back from London. We had the eight-hour flight home, and they kind of turned first class on that flight home into a nightclub, so before I knew it, I had Christian Darrisaw's chain around my neck and everyone was taking photos and everybody was taking them and posting them on social media," Cousins explained. "The next away game, we beat Miami, and they were throwing even more chains at me, and it turned into a Halloween costume here in Minnesota.

"This week, they're like, 'How do we top it?' I'm sitting there, 'I don't think there really is a way to top it.' They go, 'Take your shirt off.' The next thing you know, I've got my shirt off, I've got Za'Darius [Smith's] watch around my wrist, and they're telling me all the dance moves I need to do with my hands," Cousins continued. "If we keep winning these away games, I don't know where this is going to go, but I'm kind of nervous for where it could end up."

Peyton brought up the fact that ESPN's Adam Schefter "is imitating you."

"You're starting a trend here," Peyton said.

Peyton & Eli agreed that Cousins "wore it better."