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Vikings Player Health & Performance, Football Staff Announce Promotions & New Hires

Promotions Duhamel Keyes 2

EAGAN, Minn. – The Vikings are growing their Player Health & Performance staff and promoting two esteemed members of the group, as well as making promotions and new hires to the football staff.

Vice President of Player Health & Performance Tyler Williams announced the following elevations within his staff:

Matt Duhamel – Associate Head Athletic Trainer & Director of Rehabilitation

Derik Keyes – Director of Football Development / Assistant Performance Coach

Entering his 12th season with the Vikings, Duhamel provides high-level medical care and is incredibly consistent in helping Minnesota's players.

Duhamel and ONeill

Vikings right tackle Brian O'Neill has always appreciated working with Duhamel but emphasized his incredible impact specifically since O'Neill suffered a season-ending Achilles injury in Week 17 of the 2022 season.

"He's the number one person who helped move the needle for me to have a successful and healthy season after the Achilles," O'Neill said. "I spent every day with him from Jan. 1 through [Week 1 of the 2023 season]. We spent a lot of time together, and I'm just super excited for him and his new opportunity."

"Our whole entire locker room [trusts him]. He'll give you an unbiased opinion and shoot you straight," O'Neill continued of Duhamel. "And he has a really good balance of pushing you and holding you to a high standard but still making it fun. He encourages you to think differently, think deeper, about what could be going on in your body, and he has a really great way of communicating with players."


Keyes is entering his ninth season in Minnesota and continues to demonstrate a relentless approach in connecting the health and performance department and pushing players to be the best version of themselves. Valued as a key member of the staff, Keyes will have an increased role in leading the Vikings football development program.

Vikings fullback C.J. Ham spoke to the impact Keyes has made in his life both on and off the field over the majority of his pro career.

"He's been here through it all, and it speaks to the character he has," Ham said. "He's proven himself to be loyal and trustworthy through all the change, through the different [leadership he's worked under]. All the players know they can go to Keyes in the weight room, off the field, with personal things … and he's going to be there, and he's going to pour into you and make sure you're doing OK, that you're doing things the right way.

"He's also become a really good friend over the years," Ham said. "Somebody I can lean on. Somebody who's going to push me and push others – be real with you and honest with you – and I appreciate that.

"It's huge that he's getting this promotion," Ham added. "It just suits him so well."

Below is a full list of new hires and promotions within the Vikings football and performance staff, ordered alphabetically by last name.

New Hires

Kyle DeLaura – Equipment Assistant

Shane Normandeau – Pro Scout


Emily Badis – Senior Manager of Football Administration

Oliver Bowling – Senior Football Video Coordinator

Cole Bransford – Football Quantitative Methods Analyst

Sam DeLuca – Director of Pro Personnel

Matt Duhamel – Associate Head Athletic Trainer / Director of Rehabilitation

Chris French – Football Quantitative Methods Senior Analyst

Rashard Hammonds – Assistant Athletic Trainer

Derik Keyes – Director of Football Development / Assistant Performance Coach

Michelle Mankoff – Player Personnel Analyst, Pro & College Scouting

Logan Peterson – Senior Football Video Coordinator

Kaitlin Zarecki – Senior Football Operations Manager, Special Assistant to the General Manager & Head Coach