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Giant Glow in U.S. Bank Stadium Started Small

The 200 Daktronics employees in Redwood Falls, Minnesota, helped light up the Minneapolis skyline Thursday night.

More than 25,000 square feet of 13HD technology LED video boards and ribbon displays — the most of that quality in the NFL — went through a burn-in process inside U.S. Bank Stadium.

The innovative design of U.S. Bank Stadium, including a clear ETFE material that covers 60 percent of its roof, clerestory window around its perimeter and wall of glass on its west side allowed ample glowing views of blue, red and green LEDs. The light became white when all three colors were combined in unison.

The high-tech displays that will make a **big impact on fans’ experiences*** *started small. 

The 13HD technology is based on 13-mm pixels that contain one red, one green and one blue LED.

Pixels were then assembled into programmable units that enable the creation of trillions of colors. Next, each unit was built into panels that are approximately 9-feet, 7-inches tall by 6 feet wide. The panels were transported approximately 115 miles to downtown Minneapolis from the town of about 5,000. Crews **completed installation** of the boards in January.

The video and ribbon boards inside U.S. Bank Stadium will be the only ones manufactured in the home state of the venue, which is scheduled for completion in July.

The Vikings first preseason game at U.S. Bank Stadium is scheduled for Aug. 28 and will be against the Chargers. Minnesota is scheduled to host Green Bay on Sept. 18, allowing the venue to make its regular-season debut by hosting Sunday Night Football.

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