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Forbes Launches Series on U.S. Bank Stadium

View some of the best images of U.S. Bank Stadium through the first 90-plus percent of the build.

Kristi Dosh, a sports business analyst, writer for Forbes and author recently visited U.S. Bank Stadium to tour the state-of-the-art venue for a series of articles that launched this week.

We spoke to Dosh after she attended wide-ranging presentations and toured the venue that will be the new home for the Vikings and a multitude of other events.

The stadium's geometry of harsh angles were one of the elements that jutted out to Dosh initially, along with the Florida resident appreciating the amount of natural light and warmth in the venue on a brisk, overcast day.

In short, the bolder-than-a-bowl design was one of Dosh's immediate takeaways.

"I think everybody is over the round bowl kind of stadium, so I like those kinds of angles," Dosh said. "I love all the light. I'm somebody who really is affected by light and needs a lot of natural light. Even when we were in there and I was tweeting pictures, I told people these are pictures and it's gray outside.

"It's bright in here and it's totally a gray day, so imagine what it's going to be like on a sunny day. I like that idea — other people said this throughout their presentations, but the feeling of being outside without actually having to be outside. I don't do cold weather, so I would be a fan who would want to be indoors."

Dosh began her series of articles Monday with a **comparison*** *of U.S. Bank Stadium, which has risen on the site of its predecessor, and the Metrodome. She wrote:

To be frank, there is no comparison. U.S. Bank Stadium is superior to the Metrodome in every imaginable way. It's larger. There's more premium seating. More elevators, escalators, restrooms and concessions. Bigger video boards. Better wireless internet. More fan amenities.

It was clear after meeting with the architects, construction team and team executives that fan experience led every single decision in the new stadium.

When I asked team president and co-owner Mark Wilf about any "must-haves" he presented the architect with in the beginning, his first response centered around fan experience.

"We wanted the kind of design fans would be excited about and would want to bring their families – a destination type of place," Wilf told Dosh.

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