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Film Study: Analyst Breaks Down 5 Examples of Effective Play by Riley Reiff

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — Vikings analyst and former coach Pete Bercich joined Mike Wobschall to highlight new tackle Riley Reiff's combination of mobility and physicality through a film study.

Bercich utilizes multiple clips from Reiff's time with the Lions in games against the Rams, Eagles and Bears to illustrate how the South Dakota native who signed with Minnesota earlier this month could help the Vikings for seasons to come.

Reiff played right tackle and left tackle for Detroit and displayed effectiveness at both positions.

1) WR Screen

"Really what we're looking at here is a big man in space," Bercich said before telestrating a receiver screen to Golden Tate. With the ball at the 41, the Lions needed to gain 2. The Rams load the box and use a single-high safety 20 yards behind the line of scrimmage.

Reiff quickly sells the misdirection component and transitions into open space, delivering a block on the safety at the 37 and knocking him to the 32. The devastating block cleared the way for a gain of 35 by Tate.

2) Picking up a game in pass protection

In the second play, which is also against the Rams, Reiff is again at right tackle and works with the right guard to stymie a game in which the Rams defensive end rushed under a circling defensive tackle. Reiff helped slow down the edge rush to allow the guard to engage the defensive end and peeled back to stymie the looping defensive tackle.

"He has a lot of lead in his pencil, meaning it's hard to bull-rush him," Bercich said.

3) Pass protection from left tackle

This time, against the Eagles and at left tackle, Philadelphia has defensive tackle Fletcher Cox at the three technique (outside shoulder of left guard) and defensive end Brandon Graham in the "Wide 9" well beyond Reiff's left. Reiff processes movements by Graham "right away" to diagnose what the defense is trying to do. After the guard engages Cox first, Reiff picks up Cox, allowing the guard to focus on an inside loop by Graham.

4) Finishing the block on a run play

In this example, Reiff is again at left tackle on a play designed to make it to the left edge of the formation. Reiff has plenty of fluidity to "U" around the tight end and deliver a strong block on the linebacker 4 yards beyond the line of scrimmage. Reiff makes contact at the Eagles 45-yard line and drives the linebacker to the 37.

"He's able to turn the corner, and then, Boom! When he gets to the linebacker, he's not just pushing his guy past the play," Bercich said. "He's driving him."

5) Overcoming a tough alignment

Bercich also illustrated Reiff's effectiveness against the Bears in executing a block that Bercich said can be tough for tackles to execute (check out the 5:35 mark of the video).

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