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Diggs' Extension Latest Step in Vikings Long-Term Plan 

EAGAN, Minn. – General Manager Rick Spielman is working to keep the Vikings family in place.

Stefon Diggs' contract extension Tuesday provided the receiver a special moment with his mother and allowed him to make good on a promise he made his late father 10 years ago.

But beyond that, the deal marked one more player that Spielman has been able to keep within the organization's fold.

It's a team effort for Spielman, Vikings Executive Vice President of Football Operations Rob Brzezinski and Assistant General Manager George Paton, who have helped the team extend Everson Griffen, Linval Joseph, Xavier Rhodes, Adam Thielen, Eric Kendricks, Danielle Hunter and now Diggs – all within the past year.

"I'm probably sitting in Rob's office more, especially this time of year," Spielman told media members Tuesday afternoon. "We've had a plan in place for a long time; I told you that when we first started back in February. We do our three-year cap planning, so we're very excited and we've worked through this to be able to get this done."

Added Spielman: "It's great to not only sign [Kirk] Cousins and [Sheldon] Richardson but to keep our own, and that's going to always be the priority for us if we can."

Under the Wilf family's ownership, through restructuring the front office – including Spielman's position – and eventually Head Coach Mike Zimmer's hire in 2014, the organization's leadership has been "on the same page," Spielman explained.

He emphasized the time he and Zimmer spent together when he stepped in as head coach.

"We've had some success, not the ultimate success that we're looking for, and we're going to strive for that, but everybody knows what direction we're going, what we're looking for," Spielman said. "And I think the continuity and the stability that we have – not only on the front office side but with the coaches working together as one – hopefully will benefit us."

Also consistent within the organization is the character and mentality of its players.

Spielman and Zimmer alike have emphasized time and time again the "type" of players they want in the locker room. It's that culture of putting team goals ahead of individual accolades that has resonated through the locker room.

"I think with the culture that we've established here and that we have a pretty good football team, ultimately everybody wants to win a Super Bowl. That's why we're in this business," Spielman said. "Financially you take care of your families, but I think ultimately everybody is so competitive that they want to say that they were a Super Bowl champion."

Added Spielman: "I believe a lot of the guys that are coming here and the guys who don't want to leave, want to stay here, believe that we have a chance to potentially do that."

Looking ahead through the 2020 season and beyond, Spielman feels confident about the Vikings family he's helped to establish.

"As long as we keep our philosophy in place and continue to bring in the right type of players, not only for what they can do on the field but off the field – and I'll be the first one to admit, I'm never going to be a hundred percent," Spielman said. "But we're sure as heck going to try as hard as we can and do everything the right way to put the team together and to keep this going."