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Cover Model 2016 Reaction

One of the most exciting parts of the season happens almost immediately after the team is chosen; the swimsuit calendar photoshoot. The calendar photoshoot is such a fun day because not only is it our first photoshoot as the new team, but also because for our rookies, it is the shoot where you realize that it's official you are an MVC! The photoshoot is an incredible experience, but it doesn't quite hit you that you are about to make MVC history until the calendar is actually printed and released.

As a rookie last year, I remember feeling so blessed to have been chosen for the team and to be in the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader calendar, what a dream! It was a huge accomplishment for me, and even to have my own page - January 2016! After making the team again this year, I just really wanted to go into the photoshoot feeling confident in my own body. I had been working hard for months to look and feel my best, both inside and out, so I wanted to leave the photoshoot feeling super proud of myself and proud of the body that I had worked for. Of course during the shoot, the cover was in the back of my mind, but I was just focused on having fun and being in the moment so I could be proud of my page no matter where it was in the calendar.

When we came to practice the night of the reveal, I was super excited to finally see the printed calendar. I truly had no expectations for who made the cover. All of the girls who were in the running for it are absolutely amazing and are equally deserving for it, so I already knew that I would be thrilled for whoever were to grace the front. My goal had already been accomplished by making the MVC, so anything else that could happen would just be the sprinkles on top. The moment when Tami revealed the cover, is a moment I will never forget. I couldn't believe it – it was me. It didn't even register for a second as I was in complete shock. With my head in my hands, tears down my face, and my amazing teammates around me cheering my name – I felt complete. That moment means so much to me. It's not just a picture, it's proof that hard work pays off. It's that trying out for the team when you don't think you have a chance – pays off. It's proof that you can do anything you set your mind to even if you're a small town girl from North Dakota. That picture, that calendar, and this year will forever hold a special place in my heart. I will cherish this experience for the rest of my life. I am so thankful and humbled to have been chosen as the cover model for this year and I am deeply honored to not only represent our team but also the organization in such a special way. I am a part of the MVC calendar cover history and that means the absolute world to me.


MVC Jordan, 2nd year

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