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Bridgewater Tosses TDs to Contest Winners


EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater threw touchdown passes to winners of the Pepsi "Unlock the League" sweepstakes on Wednesday night at Winter Park.

The red zone routes in fieldhouse were just one component of an extended meet and greet with Bridgewater, the 2014 Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year.

The evening also included a demonstration by the quarterback of his personal preferences for gripping the football and his throwing motion.

Each attendee received a purple No. 5 jersey autographed by Bridgewater, who also posed for pictures.

Bridgewater and quarterbacks coach Scott Turner also participated in a chalk talk session that used film of plays from the past season to explain to guests what Bridgewater's jobs were on individual plays and how he was able to execute.

The plays included the set up work that enabled Bridgewater's 36-yard touchdown pass to Stefon Diggs at Detroit, as well as a critical throw to Diggs on third-and-15 midway through the fourth quarter against Kansas City.

Bridgewater moved around the pocket, took advantage of a three-man rush by the Chiefs and fired accurately to a spot where Diggs found an opening in the middle of four defenders for a 30-yard gain. The Vikings were able to convert a 45-yard field goal at the end of the drive for a 16-10 lead with 4:46 left, and the defense did the rest in a victory that started a five-game win streak by the Vikings.

The quarterback explained his game-day routine and detailed the long days of prep work that players and coaches log during the season.

"It's all worth it when I get to play in front of you guys," Bridgewater said.

Asked about the ability to scramble that had been displayed in a couple of plays selected by Turner, Bridgewater joked, "I never like running. It's why we have a guy like Adrian Peterson," before adding he's prepared to do so if it's the best way to help the team.

Bridgewater also shared that he prefers oatmeal for his pre-game breakfast and keeps Bazooka bubble gum in his socks.

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