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After Further Review: Execution, Varied Offense Highlight Vikings 98-Yard TD Drive

After Further Review is a deeper look at plays or stats after Vikings games…

The Vikings went from end zone to end zone during their second possession of Sunday's 28-10 win over the Giants.

Execution during the 98-yard drive, including a pair of third downs, resulted in a touchdown and 10-0 lead.

Here's a recap:


Q1, 5:41 remaining — First-and-10 at the Minnesota 2

Personnel: 21 (RB and FB in I-formation, TE, 2 WR)

The Vikings get a great push off the snap and create a large space for Dalvin Cook to make a cutback, but Giants safety Jabrill Peppers does an excellent job of fitting and tackling the elusive running back.


Q1, 5:06 remaining—Second-and-10 at the Minnesota 2

Personnel: 13 (RB, 3 TE, WR)

The Giants clog up Cook's initial intended path, forcing him to stutter step in the end zone and cut back to the right. Tyler Conklin blocks Markus Golden enough to allow Cook time to get out of the blue paint and onto the green, but Janoris Jenkins stuffs the running back after a gain of 2.


Q1, 4:21 remaining — Third-and-8 at the Minnesota 4

Personnel: 11 (RB, TE, 3 WR) with Kirk Cousins in the shotgun formation and Cook as an outside receiver

Cousins has a clean pocket and sees Adam Thielen setting up shy of the sticks but with space because of the way the Giants drop into coverage. He rips the throw to Thielen, and the receiver turns quickly to dive across the line to gain.

Q1, 3:45 remaining — First-and-10 at the Minnesota 14

Personnel: 13

The Vikings run play-action with a fake handoff to Cook and try to take a deep shot. Cousins looks toward Kyle Rudolph first before working his way to the right side of the field. He doesn't like what he sees and just throws it out of bounds (Conklin was in the area) for his first incompletion of the day. Thielen flashes open late, but the Vikings are able to save some time and hit the reset button.


Q1, 3:35 remaining — Second-and-10 at the Minnesota 14

Personnel: 21 with Cook and Ham in the offset I

The Vikings run a screen pass to Cook and create plenty of space around the running back. He slips a diving tackle by David Mayo and dodges another before cruising out of bounds after a gain of 15.

Q1, 3:00 remaining — First-and-10 at the Minnesota 29

Personnel: 12 (RB, 2 TE, 2 WR)

Cousins fakes a handoff to Alexander Mattison, looks deep and opts for a checkdown to Stefon Diggs for a gain of 8.

Q1, 2:24 remaining — Second-and-2 at the Minnesota 37

Personnel: 12

Cousins again fakes a handoff, rolls to his right and hits Bisi Johnson. The rookie catches the ball at midfield, and the closest defender is five yards behind him at the 45. Johnson gains another 10 after the catch.

Q1, 1:57 remaining — First-and-10 at the New York 40

Personnel: 12

Mattison takes advantage of a giant hole when New York goes too far to the outside.

Q1, 1:27 remaining — First-and-10 at the New York 21

No play: A false start moves the ball back 5 yards.

Q1, 1:05 remaining — First and-15 at the New York 26

Personnel: 13

Cousins takes what the defense gives by dropping linebackers well beyond where Cook sets up shop in the middle of the field.

Q1, 0:26 remaining — Second-and-9 at the New York 20

Personnel: 22

Cousins hands off to Cook, who navigates through traffic and fights for extra yards. The 5-yard gain is much more impressive than the description in the stats book.

Q2, 15:00 remaining — Third-and-4 at the New York 15

Personnel: 11

Thielen lines up in the slot and runs a corner route. Cousins throws with great anticipation and timing for a touchdown.