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5 From No. 5: Teddy Bridgewater on Using His Legs

Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater looks to lead his team to its fourth-straight road victory on Sunday.

Last week against Green Bay, the quarterback had season-highs in rushing yards (43) and sacks (6.0).

"There were times where I could have just, whether it's throw the ball away or take a check down and avoid some of those hits, avoid some of those sacks," Bridgewater said. "That's something that I have to continue to work on. That's something that we're going to continue to work on here – just getting the ball out faster."

While avoiding sacks is a priority, Bridgewater and his coaches have a good idea of how he can use his legs to escape defensive pressure in the pocket.

While Bridgewater has the ability to escape and run on his own, he acknowledged on Wednesday that he doesn't want to be running too much.

"That's something [Offensive Coordinator Norv] Turner told me, 'We don't want you running all of the time.' They said I do a good job of just knowing when to take off and things like that," Bridgewater said. "I think that just having a mindset, a clock that goes off in your head if something isn't there downfield, you see a favorable coverage that allows you to run, you take advantage of it. We have guys here who do a great job of running the football."

Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer thinks Bridgewater is capable of slowing down a pass rush.

"I think it's a weapon anytime a quarterback moves in the pocket," Zimmer said. "It typically slows the rush down a little bit because they're nervous, you get a lot less double man coverages, things like that. I know he scrambles, but I wouldn't qualify him as really a running quarterback."

Even if Bridgewater had the chance to run more than he already does, he said that he would rather give the ball to Adrian Peterson who he considers "the best running back in the league."

Here are four other points from Bridgewater's media session on how he can combat the Falcons defense:

Bridgewater on how he feels physically:

Bridgewater is listed on this week's injury report with an injury to his left shoulder.

"I'm actually feeling pretty good," Bridgewater said. "We have a great training staff who do a great job with us with any nicks and bruises we may have. Those guys have been very good for us this year. I'm feeling pretty good heading into this Atlanta game."

Bridgewater on WR Mike Wallace:

"Mike [Wallace], he's a guy who works extremely hard. Like Coach said, we're very close and we know, like I continue to say, each week in this offense a different guy is going to have an opportunity to make plays for us. When Mike's opportunity comes, I'll be one of the happiest guys for him. He's probably one of the hardest working guys on this team, staying back after practice catching balls on the JUGS machines. He's doing the little things that allow him to be a great player. We know that we've just been missing. Those opportunities are there, and we just have to continue to try to capitalize on them."

Bridgewater on Atlanta's defense:

"They try to an eight-man box to have the numbers on their side in the run game. They're big up front. They have some playmakers on that defense, and those guys are playing well as a unit."

Bridgewater on TE Kyle Rudolph's play as of late:

"Oh man, it's good to have a big target like Kyle, with a big catch radius. He's a big body who can win matchups versus safeties and he's very athletic so you get him in those matchups on linebackers, it's an advantage to us. To have a guy like Kyle, who not only helps out in the passing game being a big target, but also in the run game. He's down there blocking defensive ends, digging out linebackers and safeties. He's a huge part of this offense.

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