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2017 Skol Line Team Announced


In final round of the 2017 Skol Line Auditions, a group of extremely talented finalists battled it out Monday evening, May 22nd at Mall of America for a coveted spot on this year's roster.

Finalists each performed a unique solo as well as various group ensembles before a panel of judges and a packed audience in the Mall of America Rotunda to prove they have what it takes to drum for the Skol Line.

The Minnesota Vikings thank all of this year's participants and are proud to announce the 2017 Skol Line.  Drum roll please…

Your 2017 Minnesota Skol Line members are:


Matt Richards // 10th Year

Michael Latana // 6th Year

Tyler Jacobs // 5th Year

Joe Jaeger // 5th Year

Troy Hommerding // 4th Year

Tony Trinkner // 4th Year

Andy Eklund // 1st Year

Zach Fitzgibbon // 1st Year

Anthony Mottaz // 1st Year


Dan Johnson // 9th Year

Jeremy Jones // 6th Year

Tanner Bergersen // 4th Year

Kelly Elledge // 4th Year

Sheldon Peterson // 3rd Year


Jay Matuzak // 10th Year

Kirk Fladung // 10th Year

Patrick Lyons // 9th Year

Chris Richman // 4th Year

Tim Badaczewski // 3rd Year


Jamar Pasley // 9th Year

Cora Morris // 7th Year

Shelby Ferry // 6th Year

Danielle Augustine // 6th Year

Jordan Jergenson // 1st Year

Joel Matuzak (Head Instructor) and Nick Moreno (Assistant Instructor) are also back for a 10th year leading the talented group.

"We are excited to have a great group of veterans back for our 10th year and with the addition of some great new performers, we will be even better. We are looking forward to continuing to entertain Vikings fans throughout the 2017 season. Skol Vikings!"
- Joel Matuzak, Skol Line Head Instructor

The Minnesota Vikings Skol Line was created in 2008 to provide game day entertainment for all Vikings home games and events. Ensemble members come from a variety of backgrounds including former marching band and drum corps members, teachers, small business owners and various other professions. Look for the Minnesota Vikings Skol Line performing during each Vikings home game and at various special events throughout the year.

Be sure check out the Minnesota Vikings Skol Line official Facebook page to keep up with all of the latest Skol Line happenings including upcoming appearances, photos and video. For questions or if you are interested in having the Skol Line appear at your next event, please e-mail

The Skol Line is presented by Hy-Vee with supporting sponsors Yamaha, Sabian, Remo, Innovative Percussion, and Groth Music.

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