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2016 NFL Scouting Combine: Thursday Media Round-Up

View images from Thursday at the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Thursday brought the second wave of player interviews in Indianapolis at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Some league pundits have slated the Vikings to select a wide receiver as a target for quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. A number of top-rated collegiate receivers **made the media rounds**, including NFL Media analyst Charles Davis' predicted pick for Minnesota, Ole Miss receiver Laquon Treadwell.

When asked if he compares himself to any current NFL players, Treadwell said the following:

"I wouldn't say that I would model my game after anyone. I do like the way [Cowboys wide receiver] Dez Bryant plays, the way he attacks the ball and makes plays, makes the difficult plays, so there are similarities there, but I don't like to model myself after anyone. I have learned to create my own style of play."

Corey Coleman, whom NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah is predicting will go to the Vikings, addressed concerns that previous Baylor receivers have not panned out in the NFL. 

"Like I said to some of the scouts, I don't want to be a project," Coleman said. "I want to be a guy that can come in and play off the jump. Punt returns, kick returns. I don't want them to think, 'I have to teach him; it's going to take two years to develop.' I take pride in learning that playbook and doing whatever I have to do to be a pro at the highest level.''

Respect for Waynes

One receiver, Rutgers senior Leonte Carroo, referenced Vikings cornerback Trae Waynes when asked about the toughest defender he's faced. Minnesota selected Waynes 11th overall in last year's draft.

"Since I've been in the Big 10, it was probably Trae Waynes," Carroo said. "He was probably the best defender I went against in my career."

Quarterbacks and tight ends also participated in press conferences. Here are a handful of statements made throughout the day:

Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota State University

Pre-combine position ratings: Mike Mayock QB1, Bucky Brooks QB2

*On smaller-division players succeeding in the NFL: * "I think the success of guys like Joe Flacco or Tony Romo or … the list goes on whether it's quarterbacks or other position players. There [are] a lot of talented individuals at the FCS level that can play. Especially a guy like Flacco coming in really right away as a rookie and winning some ball games I think shows that that adjustment can be made by special players for sure."

On being compared to Colts quarterback Andrew Luck:"For one to be compared to anybody in the NFL is obviously quite an honor. Those guys have already proven themselves. We're all just college kids coming out trying to make a name for ourself. So those comparisons … everyone is going to throw their comparisons out there. I think it's tough to really put a guy and say this is who he's like or he's like this guy and put him in a box. I don't that's fair to myself or to anybody else. But hearing those comparisons, obviously, like I mentioned I just have nothing but respect for the guys, all the names that have been thrown out there. So it's always cool."


Jared Goff, QB, University of California

Pre-combine position ratings: Mayock QB2, Brooks QB1

On being talked about as one of the top two QBs in the draft: "I always want to go out there with something to prove. I always have a chip on my shoulder and I always want to go out there and prove people wrong, prove people right, whatever it is. I just go out there and try to do my best. By no means am I complacent at all. I want to go out there and do my best and hopefully play well."

On maintaining fundamentals under pressure in the pocket:"I think just repetition every day and just kind of getting that consistency. That's something that the great ones do, just never get complacent, always try to get better. You see the guys that are the best, guys like Brady and Rodgers and Peyton always working and always trying to get better, always trying to improve their game. I think that's what you can separate yourself and make you more consistent."


Hunter Henry, TE, Arkansas

Pre-combine position ratings: Mayock TE1, Brooks TE2

On playing wide receiver in high school:"I think it really just helped setting guys up. Different route running. I was able to work with a lot of guys that have gone to the NFL and played: Keith Jackson, Anthony Lucas, who was my receivers coach in high school and played at Arkansas, was an All-American, went to the league, ended up getting hurt. I was able to work with a lot of guys in high school with the receiver-type things that really helped me transition faster to the college game. Really helped me in the passing game just setting guys up, using my body and attacking the ball in the air."

On why he considers himself a first-round selection:"I believe the tight end is a big part of the NFL. I believe I bring something that's different than a lot of guys would bring. This versatility, I'm going to be able to play every down. That's something I believe. I'm going to be able to stay on the field consistently. I'm not just a first-down guy. I'm not just a third-down guy. I can play all three downs. It's a big part of the NFL. That's why I believe I'm worthy."* *


Austin Hooper, TE, Stanford

Pre-combine position ratings: Mayock TE2

On running a complex offense in college:"I've been talking to some of the guys who are already on teams and they said the hardest playbook, they've learned, they already had to do when they were 18 and doing school already. It's a huge leg up, from what the older guys have told me."

On having other Stanford TEs precede him to the NFL:"When you have five, six other guys and I'm attempting to walk the same steps they've already walked, and they've kind of given me great insight on what to expect: how to handle the media once I get here, what the tests are like, how little sleep you'll get and all of that good stuff – all the little Combine secrets and NFL secrets as well. They've been giving me great insight, and I just want to keep learning."

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