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Zimmer Addresses The Media on Friday

Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer

We finished up, not all of the preparations, we still have got a little bit more to go for Detroit. It seems like it's been a long time that we've had this bad taste in our mouth from (last) Thursday. I think it's been a good practice, a good week of practice. Guys have been focused, they seem energized. We are excited about the opportunity to go face a good football team.

Q: Did you get a lot out of the 10 days off?

A: Yeah, I think we did. I thought I'd be a lot fresher feeling than what I was. We still worked pretty good. But the important thing is that the football team thinks that they're fresher. I don't know if they do or not, I didn't ask. It was good, we got a chance to evaluate some of the things we are doing. Evaluate some of the positions, the way we do things.* *

Q: What is Chad Greenway's status for Sunday?

A: Well he did a little bit of work today, so we will see how it goes. How he is tomorrow, he practiced a little bit.

Q: How is Harrison Smith?

A: Pretty good.

Q: Are you still optimistic Smith will play on Sunday?

A: Yes.

Q: Are you expecting Chad Greenway to be a game-time decision?

A: We will probably decide tomorrow. After we don't have a press conference.

Q: Detroit has had some close games, what do they look like on tape to you?

A: Yeah, they have. Obviously, their defense is playing great. They're #1 in the league and they're giving up 280 (yards) a game. Their front is playing well, their back end is playing well, the two safeties they have are playing well. I think the linebackers show a lot of speed. Offensively, obviously, they have got a lot of big time weapons. (Matthew) Stafford does an excellent job of movement in the pocket and also getting the ball in the right place. You have to pay special attention to a few of their guys. The two tight ends, actually they have got three, they're all big and athletic.

Q: How do you make Teddy Bridgewater aware of all of the things the Lions do defensively without overloading him?

A: He's pretty sharp on everything that he's been doing. He's had a good week of practice. I was telling Rick (Spielman) upstairs, I was wondering if I made a mistake of giving him off until Monday and then practicing him Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday as opposed to giving him off practicing Monday and going Tuesday. I think in retrospect, it got Teddy a chance to get in the groove a little bit more, because of the time he missed. I think that was probably good for him.

Q: With all of the injuries do you feel relief that you might have dodged a serious injury with Harrison Smith?

A: I don't know if we dodged anything. I know that he's a pretty tough guy. I know that he loves playing football. We'll just see how he's feeling.

Q: How much do you encourage your defensive ends to block passes and can it be risky?

A: Sometimes. It's all timing, honestly. We work on it. We have a drill that we do working on it. Our ends are not the tallest guys in the world. The bigger 6-5, 6-6 guys have a better chance, but it's really hand-eye coordination and timing.

Q: Would you feel comfortable with Chad Greenway being limited tomorrow having him in a fulltime role on Sunday.

A: It probably wouldn't be a fulltime role. It would probably be a situation thing.

Q: What are your thoughts on Anthony Barr handling the communication and his leadership as a rookie?

A: It's pretty easy, honestly. I tell him what to say and he says it. I'll give him little tips and reminders of the situation, hopefully he tells the other guys.

Q: How is Gerald Hodges in a starting role?

A: Better this week. I think he's had good practice this week. He's kind of taken on the role a little bit more of being a little bit more of a leader and understanding responsibility a little bit more. He's a guy that you kind of have to keep your thumb on a little bit. I think this week he seems like he's matured a little bit to me.

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