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Your 2015 MVC Cover Girl: Reactions

For the past 7 years I have been a part of a special night for the MVC- the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader Calendar reveal. Four of those years I watched from afar as a member of the MVC Training Program and the last 3 most amazing years of my life I watched the reveal with my teammates, as a member of the MVC. Year after year I saw the most beautiful, talented, and inspiring women's faces on the cover of the calendar. To the MVC, this isn't just a calendar, it's our rite of passage, it's that feeling of being a part of MVC history, being a part of a family, and accomplishing something that most do not have the opportunity of doing. Never would I have thought when the reveal night came and Tami held up the calendar for the first time in front of the whole team, I would be looking back at myself gracing the 2015-2016 Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader swimsuit calendar. My reaction was priceless, I took a double take at the calendar, realized that it was me, and dropped to the ground instantly. It was such a proud moment in my life and something that I will never forget. All the work over the past several years and making it to that day - every minute, every second was worth it. A dream of mine was to make the MVC, but another dream of mine came true that day. I will never forget the moment when reality really set in, I was walking back to my teammates after an interview, and all 34 girls started chanting "cover model" repeatedly. That moment, the genuine support of my teammates, I will remember forever.

Skol Vikes!!!


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