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Vikings Awarded 3 Compensatory Picks in 2020 NFL Draft

EAGAN, Minn. — The Vikings now will open the 2020 NFL Draft with 10 selections.

Minnesota had seven selections entering the offseason, but the Vikings were awarded three compensatory picks, the NFL announced on Tuesday.

The Vikings were awarded a third-round comp pick (the 105th overall selection), plus a pair of seventh-round selections (picks No. 249 and 253).

There are 32 total comp picks awarded each year to NFL teams, with four being the most a team can receive. Comp picks are gained by how a team fared in free agency the previous year.

The Vikings, for example, lost notable players such as Sheldon Richardson (Browns), Nick Easton, Trevor Siemian (Jets) and Tom Compton (Jets) in the spring of 2019, while signing Shamar Stephen and Dakota Dozier.

"You don't want to lose your guys, but the reality is that you can't keep everybody," Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman told "If you're going to lose a guy, I think the comp pick system that they came up with gives you an opportunity to potentially replace that guy.

"Now, there's a difference sometimes in skill set, but at least it gives you an opportunity," Spielman added. "Or you can use that pick to move up in the draft."

Comp picks are awarded between Rounds 3 and 7, and are based upon a formula that the NFL does not fully reveal but is based on salary, playing time and awards.

The NFL announced in 2017 that teams can now trade comp picks, something Spielman — who is known to wheel and deal during the draft — is fond of.

"They've become extremely valuable, especially since they changed the rule on being able to trade those picks," Spielman said. "They've given you more ability to move up and down in the draft by moving those picks."

Here is the updated number of selections in each round of the 2020 NFL Draft:

Round 1: One selection (No. 25 overall)

Round 2: One selection (No. 58 overall)

Round 3: Two selections (No. 89 and No. 105 overall)

Round 4: One selection (No. 132 overall)

Round 5: None

Round 6: One selection (No. 205 overall)

Round 7: Four selections (No. 219, No. 239, No. 249 and No. 253 overall)

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