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U.S. Bank Stadium's Men's Rooms: Officially Trough-Free

View the latest aerial construction photos of U.S. Bank Stadium from all angles from late November.

The list of complaints regarding the Metrodome by the end of it's run was a mile long, but one that seemed to regularly come up were the troughs in the men's rooms throughout the facility.

Thankfully, U.S. Bank Stadium is now officially a trough-free zone.


U.S. Bank Stadium will have a total of 979 restroom fixtures, more than double the 435 at the Metrodome. The current general admission restroom ratio will be as low as 1/40 for women (one water closet per 40 women) and 1/60 for men

Other eye-popping numbers include the Total Square Footage of the video boards (12,560 at U.S. Bank Stadium compared to 646 at the Metrodome) and the number of Hi-Definition TVs (2,000 compared to 280).

For more comparisons between the two buildings, click here.

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