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Two Vikings Reflect on Being a Part of a Pair of Miracle Endings

The NFL's official Twitter account has weighed in and placed the "Minneapolis Miracle" atop the list of the 10 best playoff finishes in league history.

Case Keenum's toss to Stefon Diggs for the 61-yard touchdown to lift the Vikings to a 29-24 victory over the Saints on Sunday was placed ahead of other wild endings and a recent furious comeback by Seattle against Green Bay.

The score by Diggs marked the first time in the history of the NFL Playoffs for a game to end with a touchdown at the end of regulation in the first postseason game hosted by U.S. Bank Stadium.

The video above ranked the "Music City Miracle" at No. 5 on the list.

The Vikings have two individuals — defensive backs coach Jerry Gray and long snapper Kevin McDermott — who witnessed both miracle plays.

Gray was in his first season as Titans defensive backs coach when Lorenzo Neal fielded a short kick at the 24, ran for 1 yard and handed the ball off to Frank Wycheck for a lateral to Kevin Dyson, who streaked 75 yards down the sideline for the score with three seconds remaining and a 22-16 win in the Wild Card round on Jan. 8, 2000.

That dramatic finish was the first playoff game in the Titans home venue and a created an always-remember-where-you-were moment.

I was 19, a freshman in college, home for winter break and had yet to attend an NFL game in person, but I jumped off the couch and nearly stomped a hole in the floor.

That was before things could go viral the way the Vikings play — and fans' reactions — have.

The Vikings will have plenty of time to think about the play in coming years, but the players and coaches have now turned their attention to the Eagles.

"When you leave the stadium, it's over," Gray told "Voice of the Vikings" Paul Allen. "You've got to get ready for the next one.

"[Fans will] talk about it forever, but as coaches and players, we've have to be mindful that there's something else we're trying to get to, but I think fans should talk about it forever," Gray said.

Gray mentioned in addition to those two improbable finishes, he experienced two other crazy endings as a player.

A decade earlier, Gray was in his second season with the Rams when Flipper Anderson caught a 30-yard touchdown from Jim Everett to beat the New York Giants 19-13 in overtime on Jan. 7, 1990.

Gray also started for the Houston Oilers on Jan. 3, 1993, when (current Eagles Offensive Coordinator) Frank Reich orchestrated a comeback from a 32-point deficit by Buffalo for a 41-38 overtime win.

When Allen asked more about the Music City Miracle and how it helped Tennessee make it all the way to Super Bowl XXXIV, Gray said, "The thing you do is you go back to work."

"You use that energy to get you to the next game," Gray said. "You use that fire, 'We can go out and win in any situation,' and then you've got to prepare, go through practice and be mindful of what you've got to go against."

McDermott, who is on the mend from shoulder surgery, was just shy of turning 10 years old and at the Bills-Titans game.

McDermott, who is on injured reserve but has continued to help specialists Kai Forbath, Ryan Quigley and long snapper Jeff Overbaugh, still has his arm in a sling. McDermott was just 10 days off surgery and looked out for himself, but he also joined the fun.  

"I was at the 50-yard line by the water, and the second that I saw the touchdown and everyone jump around, I kind of ducked and covered so that no one would run into me [because] of my shoulder," McDermott said. "It took 10 or 15 seconds for it to register what had just happened. I was out there celebrating with everybody. It was an unbelievable feeling."

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