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Transcript: Zimmer Addressed the Media Tuesday

Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer

Q: What are you looking for out of the first preseason game?

A: Really just execution. Try not to have pre-snap penalties, sloppy stuff, making sure we try to execute the best we can. Try to get better every time we go out there. Try to get a little consistency on both sides of the ball. Find out who some of the younger players are as they get to go against somebody else you know special teams stuff.

Q: Is it going to be strange to see Case Keenum on the other side of the field on Saturday?

A: I don't know if weird is the right word but it will be great, it will be good.

Q: What did you like the most about what Case Keenum did, and what do you like about what Kirk Cousins is doing now?

A: Case was a winner. He won a lot of games and moved well in the pocket. He's a great teammate and made some outstanding plays for us. With Kirk, he's been as advertised. He throws deep ball well, very accurate, and takes charge of the offense.

Q: What does Danielle Hunter need to do this season to take another step in his development?

A: He needs to not be robotic, not thinking, just going out and playing, like he's been doing in practice.

Q: Danielle Hunter is a quiet guy. Has he become more vocal?

A: Vocal? No, he just likes to work.

Q: When you brought in Trevor Siemian, how important was his starting experience, 24 games in the last two years?

A: That was part of it. Part of it was the relationship with Kirk. It is important to have a good combination of that in the quarterback room. Him having experience of playing and another smart guy, so I think that was a couple big factors.

Q: In the NFL we tend to focus on stars, but in your experience how much does depth determine the outcome of a season?

A: A lot. If you get the wrong players hurt and you don't have a lot of depth behind them, then that really can derail a lot of things that you can do. And then you are always trying to cover up for them and things like that. Obviously, the more depth you have the better it is. In case, you know guys get injured in this game, and you miss a game or two or three or whatever.

Q: Richie Incognito said in an interview with TMZ last week that the Vikings reached out to him. Is that accurate, and is there any interest in him?

A: No interest and totally false. Tweet that.

Q: What did you like and not like about Saturday's scrimmage?

A: I thought the good thing was it was the first time we got on the turf, first time in the stadium under the lights. The energy, everything was good there. For the most part I thought some guys made some good plays. I thought both sides of the ball had some good plays. It was nice to get into that new stadium and run around a little bit.

Q: Kirk seemed a little slow at the start.

A: I think he was a little bit juiced up, because of the crowd and things like that. It's something that we have to find out about too, because we haven't been with him in a game, we've gone against him. That's part of it too.

Q: What has Rashod Hill showed you in camp this year?

A: He's been sick for a few days, but for the most part he's done pretty well. I think he's moving very well. He needs to continue to work on his consistency with his footwork in some areas. Two days ago I saw some poor footwork, yesterday was not as poor, so I'm hoping today it's more consistent.

Q: In terms of Rashod being in shape, is he where you want him at now?

A: I think he's in pretty good shape. He's moving well, his weight is down. That part I don't really have an issue with.

Q: Are you surprised by Daniel Carlson's leg at all, or is that what you had seen on film?

A: We kind of knew he had a big leg. A big strong guy that can kick the ball a long ways. I mean that was part of the reason why we drafted him.

Q: Is there any concern about starting off Saturday night without three starting offensive linemen?

A: I'm always concerned about everything, so it is what it is.