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Transcript: Zimmer Addressed the Media Friday

*Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer *

OK, it's going to be important this week that we get back playing good Vikings style of football. We've got to execute, do the things right. We've got to have our fans behind us. We need to get 65,000 of these Vikings coming out here and helping us to keep this place loud and cranked up Sunday.

Q: How has Kai Forbath looked from what you've seen in practice kicking field goals?

A: Good. He has made them all.

Q: How far back have you sent him?

A: We're not going to talk about that. You'll have to see on Sunday.

Q: Do you feel better about the defense considering a lot of guys got healthy this week heading into Sunday's game?

A: I've always felt good about the defense.

Q: Is Xavier Rhodes out of concussion protocol?

A: Yes. He's out of concussion protocol, yes. Am I supposed to talk about that, or no? OK, I got a memo.

Q: You had the music cranked up at practice this week. Do you get a general sense of the looseness around the team?

A: Looseness? *(Reporter: Yeah.) *I wouldn't say we're loose. We're kind of like we always are, I think. We just change up things sometimes.

Q: Is it an attempt to try to just relax them?

A: Just change up sometimes. I change my hat, change my shoes, whatever – just a changeup.

Q: Are those songs off your iPod?

A: No, I don't have an iPod.

Q: Is there a special committee that choses the music?

A: No.

Q: What would your playlist have?

A: Country. I'm Seein' Red.

Q: Is Sharrif Floyd still around the facility?

A: He has left again to do something, yes. 

Q: Can you give any more detail on what he is doing?

A: Not really, rehabbing. 

Q: How can the run defense improve?

A: Really it's just execute. A lot of it has been things that I've been doing, A lot of it has been, we got hit on a couple of plays. I'm really not concerned about it. If we tackle, if we're in the right place, we'll be fine.

Q: Is it common to see tackling wain during the season?

A: It's more about being in the right position and getting to the football. When big runs occurs it's usually because of perimeter run force. They got a crack and the corner didn't replace or something like that. That's where the big runs come from or missed tackles, obviously if you missed from the middle of the field or things like that.   

Q: How does Carson Palmer compare now and from your time in Cincinnati?

A: Good, pretty much the same. He always could throw the heck out of the ball. Beautiful, beautiful throws. He throws a beautiful ball, strong arm, quick release. You know everything. He's still the same guy. He's just a little older. He's probably a little bit more experienced. But, when I was there when you walked in the door you'd say 'Wow, this guy, he's really a quarterback.'

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