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Transcript: Zimmer Address the Media Friday

*Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer *

It'll be a great test for us on the road against a good football team. Really, really good defensive team, excellent offensively – a lot of skill weapons and they do a lot of different things, so we've got to be on point to get a win this week. We've had a good week of practice, our guys have prepared well and hopefully we'll go out and show it on Sunday.

Q: Thomas Davis sounds like he's been on a pitch count, but he'll be full go. What kind of difference does he make?

A: He's a good player. He's tough, fast, aggressive. He's had those knee surgeries and he's still remarkable player. He's a really good player.

Q: What does Thomas Davis do specifically that creates problems?

A: He's very instinctive. Him and [Luke] Kuechly work well together – good pressure from the inside, sideline to sideline, tough and physical.

Q: Shaq Thompson is not supposed to play, what does that mean for them?

A: He's a good athlete. They use him kind of as a nickel guy. Big nickel I guess you would call it. Travels with the slot guys a lot, but he's a terrific athlete.

Q: What'd you think about Blake Bell last week and possibly relying on him?

A: Yes, he probably played his best game last week and he continues to get better each week. He's doing a nice job in blocking, one of his better blocking games. He's athletic in the passing game.

Q: Are Mike Remmers and David Morgan out?

A: Yes.

Q: Did David Morgan have a setback?

A: Yes, I messed it up. He didn't all the way pass. He passed one test and I said it wrong yesterday, my fault. 

Q: With C.J. Ham playing some on the line of scrimmage, is his versatility something you expected?

A: Well he was a tailback, so he's a pretty good athlete. He can do a lot of different things. He's improved his blocking ability quite a bit. We've used him blocking a lot of different ways. It's just something that had to be done during the game.

Q: What do you see from the fullback role and how it's evolved in the over the years?

A: When you get that personnel in there with the fullback, defenses tend to load up. The more that you can do with a guy like him and a fullback in general, move him out, get him in the pass game, catch balls, it tends to loosen a defense up a little more if you have an athletic guy in there. That helps a lot.

Q: What do you see what Jonathan Stewart brings to the table to allow him to remain a factor?

A: He still is a really, really good back. They're using him in a lot of different runs that they have with him. The hard ball runs, gap scheme runs, some of the zone schemes as well. I think he just has great vision and good feet and that is what allows him not to get hit solidly.

Q:  How impressed are you with the way you guys have played on the road winning five straight road games?

A: We don't care where we play. We just care about how we play.

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