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Transcript: Coordinators Addressed the Media Wednesday

*Vikings Offensive Coordinator Pat Shurmur *

Q: What are you seeing from the new offensive linemen?

A: Well, we've got new players, certainly. Two in free agency and then obviously the rookies. They're out there working. We're really pleased with what we've seen so far. They're battling and this is really only the second day that they're going against a defense. They're fast learners. They're understanding quickly what we're trying to do. Now they're out there just battling. With offensive lineman, as good as you think they might be doing, it's so important that when we get into pads and into a preseason game, that helps determine who those first five guys will be.  

Q: Is that one of those cases where the sum could be greater than the parts?

A: Well, that's the key to offensive line play. Certainly, each guy has to block their guy. But, I think the hallmark of what makes a good offensive line is really how well they play together. I think they're getting lots of reps, they're certainly developing.  

Q: What have you seen from Dalvin Cook?

A: Well, he certainly caught our eye in the rookie stuff. Now that he's in with the vets, you can still see all the things that we saw. He's a very instinctive runner. He'll get his foot down and gets up the field. He's actually pretty instinctive when it comes to who to block in pass protection and he catches the ball extremely well. We're seeing all the same things that we saw from him in his college tape and in the rookie practices. He's making good progress.

Q: What do you think of Michael Floyd?

A: Michael Floyd, again, he's only been here a couple days. What we've seen so far, he's a fast learner. He's the guy that is probably most behind, even behind the rookies, because they have another week on him. But, he's a fast learner. He's a really good route runner, you can tell that he's a guy that can make plays.

*Q: With his size, what can he bring to your offense? *

A: Yeah, he's a big receiver. Through the years, you've seen that he's been able to make contested catches and use his size to his advantage. He also moves extremely well and he's got good ball skills. So, I think he can separate. We just need to get him up to speed, as I just mentioned, he's probably the guy that is most behind right now. But, he's a fast learner, he's a pro and he'll get that done.

Q: How far along is Laquon Treadwell?

A: Well, he's had a great, in my opinion, five and a half weeks. He came back and he was really on point with what he's supposed to be doing mentally. He's been out here competing and doing a nice job running routes and catching the ball. Understanding where he fits in the running game and who to block. To this point, we've been really pleased with his progress based on a year ago.

Q: What's it like not having Coach Zimmer around?

A: We wish we had everybody here. In these situations most of the practice scenarios are controlled. But, it's always good when you have the head coach so that there's immediate feedback on all of us. We do know that we all have a job to do. We know the jobs that we have to do. Regardless of who is here though, we're fighting like heck for all of us to do the right thing and do as good of a job as possible.

Q: What are your thoughts on Teddy Bridgewater?

A: Teddy's been busting his tail as long as he's been here this offseason. He's right there with us mentally in all of the meetings. He's got stuff he's doing out here on the field in regards to his rehab. Teddy is a tough son of a gun and Teddy is fighting his way back.

Q: Do you think it was a life to the team to see him out there?

A: Yeah, we obviously like to see players come back. He's doing everything he can do to get back.

*Vikings Defensive Coordinator George Edwards *

It is good to be back out here in these OTAs, getting the chance to see guys competing, working on a lot of the things that carried over from phase two. It is good to be back out here for those OTAs.

Q: Without coach Zimmer being here, is everyone picking up the slack?

A: I think it is a culmination of things. We are constant communication with him. We are relaying his message and his vision for this football team and I think everyone is pitching in to make sure we work through what we need to work through and get improvement in areas we need to improve.

Q: It has only been two days, but does anyone stand out to you?

A: It is still early. I mean it is just the second day out here on the field. We will go review the tape and try to correct the things that we need to get corrected and challenge the things we know we need to get better on and keep working through that process

Q: Is it good to have the continuity on the defensive side of the ball? Most of the guys are back and there are not a ton of new faces?

A:  Right. That has definitely been a blessing. Some of guys have been here for over three years for us, some two, but having that continuity, especially on our side of the ball, has been a blessing when it comes to communication, the different techniques and fundamentals, and things we are working on schematically through this period.

Q: Have the rookies carried over what they have learned in mini camp?

A: Yeah. It is a good group. They have come in and they have good work ethic. Again, we're just now getting them out here and competing in these competitive situations and we will go through the process with them and hopefully keep learning and showing up every day. 

Q: Do you think Mackensie Alexander will fill the spot of Captain Munnerlyn?

A: Yeah. Right now we have a number of guys working in there and as we progress through this offseason, competition at the position will come to the top and we will look forward to going through that process.

Q: Do you think you guys have filled the holes in the offseason?

A: I mean, you always hate to lose guys, but at the end of the day, it is part of pro football, and we have some young guys or inexperienced guys that are working and we are looking forward to seeing them improve each day as we keep progressing through this journey.

*Vikings Special Teams Coordinator Mike Priefer *

So I have to start out, my daughter wrote this. She wanted to start out by saying "congratulations to my daughter Katie, who is graduating from Mound West Tonka High School on Sunday and will be attending the University of Tennessee. Go Vols." Alright, that was for my daughter.

Q: Was it good to get outside for OTAs and enjoy the nice weather?

A:  Yeah, this is obviously a great time of year. The guys have been back for five, six weeks now. They have been working hard in the weight room, running, doing some drill work, and now we are out here putting stuff together, working on the fundamentals and techniques and it is one of my favorite time of year, especially a day like today. It was a beautiful day, guys worked hard. I think we improved today, and every day we are trying to get improvement in every facet and phase of our special teams. We just do one phase at a time and try to get better from there.

Q: I know it is a long way to go, but is the kicking competition coming along?

A:  Yeah, it really is. They have been working hard. All phase two, I think they totaled 111 or 112 field goals each. Working with their holders, working with Kevin [McDermott], our snapper. They have had a great spring thus far. It is going to be fantastic competition and I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Q: How about on the punting side of things?

A:  Same thing. They worked very hard. I am excited about both guys. You have got both the veteran kicker and punter and we have a young kicker and punter competing and I couldn't be more pleased where we are at right now.

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