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Top 10 Social Media Moments From Vikings Camp

Kyle Rudolph Thanks the Fans

As we get ready for our last practice in Mankato, I want to thank all the fans who've come out to support us over the past 3 weeks! #skol — Kyle Rudolph (@KyleRudolph82) August 14, 2014

Vikings- Family Matters

Family matters at #VikingsCamp. #FamilyDay — Minnesota Vikings (@Vikings) August 2, 2014

Jeff Locke Celebrates Left-Handers Day

"@Vikings: Is it left-footers day too, @jefflocke18? #LeftHandersDay" good thing I'm left-handed too! — Jeff Locke (@jefflocke18) August 13, 2014

Greg Jennings- Like Father Like Son

The apple doesn't fall far... — Greg Jennings (@GregJennings) August 12, 2014

Jeff Locke Photobombs Fan Tweet

Selfie with @BlairWalsh3 with a photobomb by @jefflocke18  #VikingsLove #Priceless — Abby Whritenour (@abswhrit) August 10, 2014

AP meets AP

Adrian Petersen lost his leg and was inspired by @vikings @adrianpeterson to get back on his feet. Today AP met AP — fox9 Scott Wasserman (@Fox9wasserman) August 4, 2014

Matt Kalil Declares Vikings Fans as the Best

Had to get a pic with my main guys.#LoveVikingFans #BestFansInTheNFL — Matt Kalil (@Mattkalil) July 31, 2014

Blair Walsh is ready for the big screen

Hey Disney, @jefflocke18 and I are ready for Star Wars episode VII. #wrongStormTroopers?! #clonewars — Blair Walsh (@BlairWalsh3) July 24, 2014

NFL confirms Adrian's true identity

Turns out Adrian Peterson really IS The Wolverine: #NFLTrainingCamp — NFL (@nfl) July 25, 2014

Harrison Smith congratulates Kyle

Congrats to @KyleRudolph82 on the extension as a Viking!...Great person, teammate, and role model #Vikings #NDNorth — Harrison Smith (@HarriSmith22) July 28, 2014

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