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The Vikings Instagram Group Tours Washington DC

The Vikings Instagram Group is already in Washington DC prior to the Vikings matchup against the Redskins Sunday.

The Vikings Instagram Group (The V.I.G.) worked with photographer Tamon George to show off the horned helmet around the nation's capitiol Washington DC.

Follow him on Instagram and Twitter to view his past work.

Enjoy this Q&A with Tamon and view his work in our V.I.G. gallery.

Tell us about your background in photography. How did you originally get into the field?

I've tried three times to jump into photography. Each time was unsuccessful. When in graduated school, I realized that I needed a creative release of some kind to break from the rigors of my MBA. As a weekend warrior of sorts, I would shoot around the city with friends, getting better and better, experimenting more and more. Instagram allowed me to share my talents and people took notice. 

What is your photography business like now and what subjects do you typically shoot?

I currently work as a social media strategist. We execute large scale campaign strategy nationwide and we photograph everything!

Your Instagram account is great. What do you like most about the platform?

Instagram is an organizational tool and a place to build community and share stories. To me, it's a place to share my voice. 

What was the week like, taking the Vikings helmet around to different locations in DC?

The week of shooting the helmet was tremendous. I think I ran into a dozen Minnesotans.

Did you have a favorite shot in the gallery?

The Lincoln Memorial, with the sole lady walking away in the background. 

Where do you typically enjoy shooting in the city?

There are some underdeveloped, or soon to be developed areas of the city that still have character. I try not to give away all my secrets! 

What do you think about the Vikings Instagram Group concept and have you checked out some of the work of the previous photographers?

There are great images by a collection of great photographers. I'm soo happy to be a part of the group.  

Past Contributors

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