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Staying Cheerful During the Pandemic: an MVC Perspective 


It almost feels like an oxymoron to talk about staying cheerful during the COVID-19 pandemic – but we've got this!

The coronavirus pandemic has been an interesting time for all, to say the least. People's lives have changed, whether big or small, and personally speaking, I have found it difficult at times to stay my positive self through it all. 

One of the things that has been evident to me through the pandemic is that relationships matter. I have been reflecting throughout this time to remember how lucky I am to have an amazing family and close friends.

So what have I been doing to stay positive and pass the time? Puzzles, the casual face mask! I've been mailing cards to loved ones, sending little "thinking of you" gifts and have made it a priority to go home weekly for dinners and take a workout class with a friend over lunch. I have also been purging my life by donating clothes and house items I rarely use. It feels so good to get rid of junk!

To say that this time we are living in is crazy is an understatement. What I have found gets me through is by remembering what is important in life, prioritizing time to focus on myself and taking everything a day at a time.

I miss seeing the BEST fans in the NFL every Sunday, and I cannot wait until that day comes again, hopefully soon!


Captain Hannah