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Rudolph's 'Duck, Duck, Gray Duck' Voted Best Vikings Celebration Through 8 Games

Fans voted, and the results are in.

According to a Twitter poll, Kyle Rudolph's "Duck, Duck, Gray Duck" was the fan favorite of Vikings touchdown celebrations through the first half of the season.

Rudolph's re-enactment of the childhood game – that sparked a hot debate between "gray duck" and "goose" – received 63 percent of votes from 5,389 individuals who weighed in on social media.

The celebration came after Rudolph caught a Case Keenum pass in the end zone at Chicago. Following Minnesota's defeat of its division rival, the tight end explained how it all played out.

"We called the play, a play we ran all week in practice, and I knew somebody was going to score. I said, 'Look, when we score here, whoever scores, you're the duck," Rudolph said. "Everybody else sit down in a circle, and we'll have some fun.' "

"Case made a great play and found me on the scramble drill, and I turn around, and it's probably one of the best scenes I've seen in sports – Pat Elflein and Mike Remmers and Joe Berger are just flying at me to grab a seat in the end zone," added Rudolph.

Rudolph's celebration beat out those of teammates Adam Thielen and Jerick McKinnon, who performed celebrations of their own after their respective touchdowns across the pond on Oct. 29.

Thielen's Soccer Slide – 30 percent of votes

Thielen was named "Man of the Match" after his touchdown catch at Twickenham Stadium. Following his first score of the season, he ran and slid across the pitch. His well-known soccer goal celebration prompted quite the response from the London crowd.

The receiver drew his inspiration from the English Premier League match between Arsenal and Swansea City that he attended the day before.

"When I went to the Arsenal game yesterday, you can see how passionate [the fans] are about their sports here. I was pumped that whole game yesterday because of that atmosphere. I brought it over to today," added Thielen, who wore a customized Arsenal jersey after Minnesota's 33-16 win.

McKinnon's Car – 7 percent of votes

McKinnon's highlight performance against the Browns included a 1-yard touchdown run late in the third quarter. Following the score that gave the Vikings a lead they didn't relinquish, McKinnon then celebrated in style.

The running back sat down in the end zone, fastened in imaginary seat belt and then shifted into gear with his right hand before going for a "drive."

McKinnon's celebration might have looked a little odd to the English fans in attendance; across the pond, the driver's seat is on the right side of the car.

"They shipped my Lamborghini back from the States, so I was just running around the field in it," McKinnon explained with a laugh.

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