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Monday Morning Mailbag: Would the Vikings Take a QB at No. 14?

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If, by some unlikely act of from above, Justin Fields takes an Aaron Rodgers-esque tumble down the draft board and is available to the Vikings at No. 14, do they pull the trigger? Or would Vikings GM Rick Spielman trade down for more picks? This may be a chance at to find a future franchise QB considering next year's class does not look special.

— Jim Somerville in Geneva, New York

No position across the National Football League (and maybe all of sports) draws chatter like quarterback.

And Jim presents a very interesting scenario that maybe isn't likely to happen, but also can't be completely ruled out, either.

Before we take a look at what the Vikings could do in that situation, let's take a quick peak at whether or not this could actually happen.

It's expected that the top three picks will be quarterbacks, as nearly every mock draft has Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson as the first two picks. And with the 49ers recently trading up to the No. 3 spot, there's a strong chance they take a quarterback, too. (Teams don't give up multiple first-rounders to take anything else).

That leaves 10 picks until the Vikings are up at No. 14, and a handful of teams such as the Falcons, Lions, Broncos and Eagles could all theoretically take a signal caller. Maybe one of them does? Or maybe none of them do? But there's a case for all to at least think about it. The Panthers likely took themselves out of that mix by recently trading for Sam Darnold.

But let's get to Jim's scenario and say that Fields is there at No. 14. If that's the case, my guess is that the Vikings would think long and hard about selecting Fields.

Kirk Cousins still has two years left on his current contract and isn't going anywhere anytime soon. But the chance to get a quarterback with high potential on a rookie contract is a situation that all NFL teams covet.

Here is what draft analyst Jordan Reid recently told about Fields:

"After Lawrence, I would say Justin Fields [has the highest ceiling], just because he's a guy I like a lot, but he has some things he needs to work on, as far as from a processing standpoint. I think there's some things in the Ohio State offense that have kind of hindered him a little bit, as far as development, but as far as what he brings to the table, right away into the NFL and the upside he does possess, I definitely think it's Justin Fields."

I could also see a case for trading back with a team in the latter half of the first round (or even with the Patriots one spot below at No. 15).

If Minnesota were to move back, it would still likely get a first-round talent (just a few picks later), and also potentially recoup a second-round pick the Vikings currently do not have and likely more.

If Jim's scenario were to happen, I would love to be a fly on the wall in the Vikings draft room and hear the conversations taking place, as there could be a strong case for taking Fields or trading back, particularly if offered a haul.

And as for Jim's final comment about the 2022 quarterback class, I'd argue that those players still have a year to show NFL teams what they have to offer. I don't think many people thought Wilson would be where he is today, but he appears to be a future star, and is almost undoubtedly going to be a top-five pick in a little over two weeks.

Let's dive into special teams with this question from Mike, who wants to know about Minnesota's kicking situation.

To recap, the Vikings added kicker Greg Joseph to the roster in February, and then released Dan Bailey just before the start of free agency.

Bailey's end-of-season struggles have been well-documented, so no need to rehash them, but I do like the potential of Joseph.

He's still relatively young at age 26, but doesn't have a ton of NFL experience. He has made 17 of 20 career field goals (85 percent), and 34 of 38 extra points (89.5 percent) in stints with the Titans and Browns in 2018 and 2019.

Joseph did not attempt a kick in 2020, as he spent the season on Tampa Bay's practice squad. But one person who could help Joseph get acclimated is Vikings punter Britton Colquitt, who was Joseph's holder on field goals and extra points in Cleveland in 2018.

So, we can expect Joseph to be on the team in the coming months as training camp approaches. Will anyone else?

I have a firm belief that is a yes, and that it will be a rookie who doesn't get picked up in the draft. I doubt the Vikings would add another veteran-type free agent like Joseph, and I also don't think they will select one in the draft. That last happened in 2018 with Daniel Carlson, and he only lasted two games in Minnesota before bouncing back with the Raiders.

My expectation is that we see a kicking competition in camp between Joseph and a rookie. May the best man win, and hopefully he brings stability to that position for years to come.

Good day, my name is John and I have been a Vikings fan for 50 years. I'm 61 years old and love the Vikings. I just wanted to say I wish they would change the horns on the helmets for the Vikings face. I think change is good for business … just something to think about. I have a mini helmet that was specially designed and it looks amazing. Thank you for hearing me out. Have a great day.

— John Mercado

Appreciate your longtime support, John, and for the interesting idea about changing up the helmet decal.

I actually agree with you that putting the Norseman logo on the helmet would look neat, and would keep some continuity with branding. Just off the top of my head, most teams use their main logo on their helmets. (Think Green Bay, Chicago, Detroit and Kansas City as key examples here, but the use of a horn on Vikings helmets is as old as Vikings helmets, a story told in the Minnesota Vikings Museum).

While I believe the Norseman would look good, I actually wouldn't change anything about the Vikings current look with the Purple helmets accented by the horn on each side. To me, that actually makes Vikings players look like, well, Vikings. I always love seeing Dalvin Cook race down the field with his horns streaking, or Harrison Smith snagging an interception.

Maybe we'll see some changes to Minnesota's uniform in the coming years. But for now, my ideal outfit remains the home look of Purple uniforms, white pants and the horns on the Purple helmets in front of a frenzied crowd at U.S. Bank Stadium.