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Presser Points: Turner on Vikings Backup Plan, Edwards on Forcing Turnovers

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — A considerable amount can happen in one week of an NFL regular season.

In the days after defeating the Packers in the first regular-season game in U.S. Bank Stadium history, the Vikings have been dealing with the losses of players, particularly on offense.

Adrian Peterson suffered a torn meniscus Sunday and had successful surgery Thursday. Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer announced Riley Reiff's placement on injured reserve and need for surgery on his hip on Wednesday.

The Vikings already were overcoming the loss of Stefon Diggs to a dislocated knee during an Aug. 30 practice, first going with Shaun Hill in a win at Tennessee, then shifting to Kyle Rudolph against Green Bay. With Bradford under center, Minnesota now must replace two other first-round picks on offense.

Vikings Offensive Coordinator talked about Minnesota's approach to replacing Peterson with Jerick McKinnon and Nick Easton during Turner's weekly session with members of the media.

"I think what Matt and Jerick do complement each other," Turner said. "I think they're two really good football players who work really hard to grow, get better, be professionals and understand what we're doing. They're both capable of being good pass protectors. They're both good receivers. We can mix them however we want, but Jerick with his explosiveness and his ability to come out of the backfield when appropriate we will try to take advantage of that."

Bradford completed 22 of 31 passes for 286 yards and two touchdowns against Green Bay, with the Vikings often incorporating play actions and faking handoffs to Peterson to increase the width of throwing windows.

Turner said the Packers were focused heavily on Peterson and their commitments to stopping the run helped limit the Vikings to 30 net rush yards on 22 carries.

"I know that because of Adrian's presence people aren't going to let him run up and down the field," Turner said. "You have to adapt to that, and we try to take advantage of it. As we go through this maybe we'll get some better run looks and that'll maybe help us run the ball a little bit better.

Asked what impressed him the most about Bradford's performance, Turner said, "His composure. His ability to see the field. His ability to get the ball out quick."

"He made great throws under pressure while he was getting hit," Bradford added. "That's what you have to do to play at a high level in this league."

Here are two points addressed by Vikings Defensive Coordinator George Edwards and Special Teams Coordinator Mike Priefer:

Edwards on the Vikings forcing more turnovers early in the third year of the defense:

"Now they're not thinking, they're reacting. They're going to the ball with a purpose. They're a lot surer of what we're doing from week-to-week game plan-wise, with assignments and alignments, those types of deals. To me, it's a credit to the effort that they're going to the football with. When they get there they're getting there with a purpose."

Edwards on Barr's impact beyond the stat sheet (six tackles, five hurries, one pass defended so far this season):

"I think Anthony's played within the scheme of what we've asked him to do very well. I think we've got a lot of unselfish guys that go out there and don't worry about the accolades of it and concentrate and focus on the job that they have to do it for the group as a whole to be successful. I think you could say that about a lot of guys in our defensive meeting room. I think that's the biggest thing, he's going out each week, he's done what we've asked him to do from a job and from a preparation stand point. Those things will come. Just don't press it, keep working and those things will come as you keep working through the course of the season.

Priefer on Kevin McDermott's night that included five punts downed inside the Green Bay 20-yard line:

"I thought he hit the ball really well. Pinned them inside the 20 five times, from what I understand and I don't think they scored on any of those drives. In fact every drive but one, the one we got the punt blocked on, that was the only drive that started past the 25 yard line. So, the kickoff team did a good job, the punt team did a good job, our defense and offense and complimentary football that we talk so much about.

"We kept them pinned deep all day long with the exception of the one play, and that should have been another one that should have been inside the 20-25 yard line."

Priefer on the punt that was blocked by the Packers:

"You know it was a combination: I have to do a better job; our guys have to execute better. They (Packers) executed very well; I'm going to give them credit. It was a good scheme, and (Ty) Montgomery did a nice job of running their scheme. They tried it again later in the game, and we switched up how we were protecting it and we stopped it. We should have done that on the first one and that's up to me. I have to do a better job of getting our guys prepared and that mistake can't happen again.

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