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Presser Points: Turner on Centers, Edwards on Cornerbacks

MANKATO, Minn. — Vikings Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner and Defensive Coordinator George Edwards spoke to members of the media on Monday as the Vikings resumed training camp after an off-day for players.

The 51st Vikings Training Camp at Minnesota State University, Mankato is scheduled to conclude Tuesday, and the team will depart for Cincinnati, where they will practice Wednesday and Thursday with the Bengals before Friday's preseason opener for both teams.

Here are three topics covered by Turner:

The competition at center

The Vikings opened camp alternating days that John Sullivan and Nick Easton took snaps at center with the first team. When Brandon Fusco was sidelined Saturday, Berger moved to right guard with the first team. Turner said he likes what he's seen from Sullivan and Berger.

"I think both guys are playing really at a high level, and I think both guys are good players," Turner said. "The other part is [Head Coach Mike] Zimmer, but it's really nice to have those guys in there. Fusco couldn't practice Saturday, so we put Joe at guard, and Sully played center. So, it's just experienced players that give you depth and versatility."

More on Moritz

There have been a world of changes for rookie Moritz Böhringer, who became the first player drafted directly out of Europe without American college football experience this spring. Turner said it's a work in progress for the former German Football League stalwart.

"He's getting a feel. He's doing things better physically," Turner said. "It's a big change, the physical part and physical presence of the defensive players. It's totally different from what he has experienced, so he's made progress."

A look at a rookie

Turner was asked about another Vikings rookie as well, guard Danielle Hunter, who was selected in the fourth round.

"I think he is having a really good camp and a typical rookie camp," Turner said. "He shows his athleticism, his physical presence when he does things right, and he knows exactly what he is doing. He has been really good. And then it's like I have said, rookies, there are times that they aren't sure; there are times things run together, and you don't have the type of performance you'd like, but he has shown he can develop into a really fine offensive lineman."

Here are three topics covered by Edwards:

Cornerback status

Asked about 2015 first-round pick Trae Waynes, Edwards said, "He's been doing a very good job."

"Waynes has shown that he's been able to retain the information and shown it on the field. He's made plays when he has had the chance, and he got the chance to go with the 1s," Edwards continued. "That's going to be a continuous process to keep seeing him go. Now we're getting to practicing against Cincinnati and playing in games. We want to just see him continue to grow through the whole process. It's a journey, and we're just looking for him to keep competing every day, just like he's doing. The process kind of handles itself that way.

"I think Terence (Newman) has done a great job from where we started off in camp," Edwards added. "He's had a nagging injury, but he has popped back out there. Every time he's out there, he's competitive. Good awareness, he brings a lot to the table and a lot to that room, a lot to our room defensively as far as, his experience. We're excited where we are right now."

Reps for depth of roster

The Vikings have been able to get quality work for younger players on the roster and reserves. Edwards noted it's important to build experience throughout the roster.

"Inevitably, you're going to have injuries. You're going to have time where guys are going to miss practice," Edwards said. "You're going to have time where guys are going to have to miss games, unfortunately, but it's sort of that next-man-up mentality; and it kind of starts now. We want to be able to execute what we want to do defensively, scheme-wise, to be able to stop our opponent. So, the more guys that are trained at that position and at that skillset enables us to be able to go and game plan without making a lot of major adjustments."

Secondary handling shifts

The amount of pre-snap shifts and movements creates the need for defenders to think on their feet and communicate adjustments with teammates. Edwards said the secondary is communicating well.

"That's the big thing when all of a sudden with our offense we get a lot of shifts, you get a lot of motion," Edwards said. "It's very good and comforting to know that those guys are tuned in to what's getting ready to happen, whether they're changing a split of a receiver or shift and change the whole formation. But you can see the communication going, and I think that gives them a jump on what to anticipate and what's getting ready to happen by formation, down-and-distance and those type of things. That's a big thing that we wanted to emphasize coming into training camp, and they've done a good job of carrying that out."

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