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Peterson on Boone Bringing 'Nastiness,' Vikings Drafting Big Receivers


Adrian Peterson's heart has been with his hometown of Palestine, Texas, this week after flash flooding led to six deaths, including a former high school teammate.

In addition to asking about Peterson's commitment this week of **at least $100,000** to help The Salvation Army's relief effort (text AP28 to 51555 or visit **** to help), asked the 2012 NFL MVVP his thoughts on the additions of veteran guard Alex Boone from San Francisco, the **first-round selection** of receiver Laquon Treadwell and the **improbable path** that led to German-born Moritz Boehringer's selection in the sixth round. 

Peterson on Boone:

"A guy who has that grit and that mentality, that hog mentality," Peterson said. "You're going to get the best out of him. That's something that I feel is going to benefit our team in general and the offensive line. Him bringing that nastiness and mentality that I feel you need to play the game of football. There's not a lot of guys that naturally have that, and he has it."

Boone talked the admiration he has for Peterson's game last week during a session with Twin Cities media members:

"I think I've watched AP as much as everybody else," Boone said. "I think he is by far one of the best running backs in the league. He reminds me so much of a Frank Gore and a Marshawn Lynch at the same time that it's almost scary. And I'm really excited to be here with a running back like that, who truly wants to just pound people and run over people and yet, at the same time, can out-run people. I mean, I think that's amazing."

Peterson on Treadwell:

"I'm pretty excited about it. He's a big, physical receiver. In my eyes, the most important thing is he likes to block (laughs)," Peterson said. "That's always a plus for me, a receiver that blocks well and is passionate about blocking. I'm always down for that. I'm sure he'll be one of my new good buds. Obviously, what he brings in the passing game is the threat of a big bodied receiver. He knows how to use his body, how to position himself to make plays, so it's going to be all about him learning the system and transitioning to the NFL, so I'm pretty excited about it.

Treadwell was selected with the 23rd overall pick to be much more than a blocker, but Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman and Head Coach Mike Zimmer said they like the way he supports the run game.

Unique connection:

Boehringer was introduced to American football by watching highlight videos of Peterson when Boehringer was just 17. Now 22, Boehringer and the Vikings made history Saturday when he became the first player drafted directly into the NFL from a European league.

Peterson first heard about Boehringer's measureables (6-foot-4, 227 pounds) and the 4.43 time he ran in the 40-yard dash as a guest at Florida Atlantic's Pro Day. Peterson then enjoyed the backstory that followed.

"It's always a reflection of God telling me, 'This is the platform you have.' Even in the midst of storms, there's always constant reminders that remind me, 'You can make a difference. You can change people's lives.' So for me to watch, because I heard about him, a German receiver, 6-foot-4, [227] and ran a [4.43], I was like, 'Huh? Is he nice?' Yeah, he's played over there so we'll see how he transitions.

"I get that call and I'm watching the draft, and they're talking about him and they showed the interview. He brought up the story about watching highlights of me and that's what got him into football. That's crazy. It's amazing that you're able to affect someone who is in a whole different country and based on them watching highlights of you, inspires them to play, and now look where that has brought him, not only in the NFL, but a teammate of that individual who turned him on to football. That's amazing, man.

"It just goes to show how God works in mysterious ways. That motivated him to play the game of football. I'm sure it was a dream of his to play in the NFL. Of course he had to have faith and believe he could do it and not only did God bless him to be drafted but to be a teammate of the person who inspired him to play the game."

Peterson capitalized on an opportunity to welcome Boehringer to the Vikings during a phone call this week, generating a broad smile on Boehringer.

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