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Vikings Offseason Diaries: Cam Bynum Visits Guatemala, Hawaii & the Philippines

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For Vikings safety Camryn Bynum, the offseason means time for travel.

But it also means time at home.

Cam and his wife Lalaine have spent time in three different countries since the Vikings season came to an end, with their final stop being the Philippines – where Lalaine's family lives and Cam's heritage lies.

This is our second installment of "Offseason Diaries" which gives a glimpse into players' adventures with loved ones before football starts back up. Last week's diary featured Josh Metellus and his family’s trip to Disneyland.

Note: The below diary entries were written by Cam from his perspective.

Bynum Diaries Guatemala 1

Jan. 25

My family and I went to Guatemala for a three-day deep-sea fishing trip. We caught a lot of sailfish and mahi-mahi.

Bynum Diaries Military Dogs 1 (1)

Feb. 8

My wife and I traveled to Kauai, Hawaii, for vacation. While there, I was able to scratch something off my bucket list: I was able to spend time with the U.S. Military and get in a bite suit to get "attacked" by a military dog, Max. You can still feel the bite through the suit!

Bynum Diaries Military Dogs 2

Don't worry – Max and I became friends afterward.

Bynum Diaries Waterfall

Feb. 9

Lalaine and I hiked to his huge waterfall and swam below it to get some of our favorite photos ever!

Bynum Diaries Greg Joseph

Feb. 10

Greg Joseph was also on the Hawaii trip. Here's a photo of us visiting the Nā Pali Coast.

Bynum Diaries Scuba

Feb. 18

Off to the best place in the world … the Philippines! My family and friends took a scuba diving day trip that included exploring some coral reefs.

Feb. 20

Bynum Diaries Outreach 1

Easily the best part of every trip to the Philippines is when we get to serve our community. My nonprofit, Bynum Faith Foundation, put on an outreach for victims of a fire that destroyed thousands of homes in Cebu.

Bynum Diaries Outreach 2

Two of my former Cal teammates, Jaylinn Hawkins and Elijah Hicks, joined us in the Philippines to assist in the outreach and our football camp.

Feb. 24-25

Bynum Diaries Football Camp 1

I hosted another football camp here in the Philippines! We hosted 250 players for a two-day camp of learning and competing.

Bynum Diaries Football Camp 2

The goal of my camp is to bring American football to the Philippines and make it a popular sport like it is in the States.

March 2

Bynum Diaries Anniversary

Lalaine and I enjoyed our wedding anniversary with a sunset dinner on the beach in the Philippines. The best part about it was having the live saxophone player there to serenade us with our favorite songs.

Thanks for coming along on my offseason travels, Vikings fans; I appreciate your support as always and can't wait to get back on the field! But until then, if you'd like to learn more about my foundation, click here. Mooooovie!

Cam Bynum