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Nina's First Game Experience

Ninas First Game Experience

My first regular season home game experience as a rookie was absolutely magical! The veteran MVC had been raving about how fun game days were for a very long time and it was so rewarding to finally experience what they had been talking about. It was even better than I could have ever imagined! The seats were filled with a sea of purple and gold, and the fans were loud and on their feet cheering on the best team in the NFL. It was a once in a lifetime experience and I'm honored that I get to cheer on the sidelines this season!

This is my small team! Our captain is 6 year veteran, Kali. I love my small team with all my heart, and they are a huge part of why cheering on the sidelines on game day is so much fun!

Here I am with some of my friends on the team. I am beyond thankful for not only getting to cheer at the games, but to also be a part of this team and form connections as well! I can confidently say that the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders are a family, and getting to experience my first game with them by my side made it that much more special.

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