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New Vikings Stadium News & Notes - June 5, 2015

Construction Workers Celebrate Topping Out

On Thursday, more than 1,200 construction workers, executives and staff from Mortenson Construction, Thor Construction, HKS, the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority and the Vikings celebrated the stadium’s concrete “topping out” milestone. The ceremony marked the completion of the structural concrete in the project, a major benchmark that included more than 10,000 concrete trucks delivering 100,000 cubic yards of concrete, or enough to fill more than 30 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Roof Ridge Truss Connected

This week's second milestone involved the connection of the roof ridge truss that spans the length of the stadium from east to west. After previously placing six of the seven ridge truss sections, construction crews connected on Thursday the remaining gap between the east and west with a “chord” of steel. The steel chord consists of 12 pieces of steel measuring in at 50' long and weighing 60,000 pounds. Over the next month, more than 30 pieces of steel will be attached to the chord in order to fully complete the roof ridge. If you haven't looked lately, now is the time to check out the live stadium webcam.

Clear Roof Ready to Take Shape

This week the first ETFE (ethylene tetra-flouro-ethylene) panels were prepared for placement on the stadium roof's south side. More than 245,000 square feet of the transparent, light-weight material will cover 60% of the stadium's roof, giving stadium users a clear view of the sky and an outdoor feel in a climate-controlled environment. With the first ETFE panels expected to be installed next week, here is a quick refresher on the material.

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