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MVC Sponsor Spotlight: Lifetime Fitness


The MVC are so very lucky to have Lifeime Fitness as one of our sponsors. Along with that comes two of the most incredible trainers around: Ryan Svenby and Andy Knuth! Although Ryan and Andy work out of the Lakevillle Lifetime, they dedicate two nights of their week and make the trek out to Winter Park to start our practices with off with a sweat! They have designed workouts that specifically cater to our lifestyles both as cheerleaders and athletes in general. "We cover everything from strength training, mobility and flexibility work, cardio-both aerobic and anaerobic endurance, speed and agility, and overall functional training," says Svenby. Phew! That sounds like a lot, but he forgot to mention how they switch up our workouts to make sure we are not only working hard, but having fun! One day could be weights, another we might use resistance bands; working with partners or having relays as teams…we sometimes even take days to play some good old fashion football! (Two-hand touch of course!) In addition to our fitness, we are given top-of- the- line advice on nutrition and how to properly fuel our bodies.

We know our work is done when the much anticipated slow clap begins, signifying that we survived yet another of Andy and Ryan's Workouts. We all circle around the big Norseman at center field with our hands in, awaiting our pep talk, praise, or words of wisdom. Andy loves how hard we work: "When most girls their age are out partying, these girls are in the gym or at practice working hard all year round. It's impressive. The passion they have for dance is awesome." Every Thursday, Andy and Ryan struggle to choose one lucky cheerleader to be named the "Beastliest Beauty in the Land" to take home the pink, sparkly weight for the week. 

We all know how proud of us Andy and Ryan are, no matter how much they poke fun; and they in return know how much we love and appreciate them, even though we constantly give them a hard time. "I love the positive environment and the teamwork the MVC bring forth, also the 100% effort the girls bring to living a healthy way of lifestyle," says Ryan.

So with our hands in the middle and the toughest voice we can muster, we yell out our workout theme for the season…BEAST MODE! "The girls lift heavy weights, run marathons, and eat healthy to stay in great shape. They are devoted to a healthy lifestyle. It makes our job a lot of fun!"-Andy Knuth

After hearing all those nice things I'm feeling even more motivated! Game day is right around the corner so I better go practice!       

-This is MVC Dani…Signing off!  :)

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