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MVC Partner Spotlight: KISS


One of the ways that the MVC stay game-day ready is with help from our sponsor, KISS.

We trust KISS to give us the highest quality nails and lashes in minutes. The convenience, simplicity and durability that KISS products provide are among the reasons that the MVC have made these products a staple in their beauty routines.

Below are the MVC's top five KISS products:

These nails are a favorite for many of the MVC because of their muted French look and short length that still look polished and fresh. 

These nails provide the quintessential French-tip look for anyone in minutes. The MVC love these nails for their traditional look and comfortable feel.

These lashes are great for providing that wispy and effortless look. The MVC love them for their weightless and natural feel.

These lashes are great for those wanting a light and natural look. They're a game-day must for the MVC because of their blooming and effortless look.

This lash glue is a must for keeping lashes on all day. The MVC love the added aloe for a calming and comfortable feel.

What products are you going to try next from KISS? Let us know via our social media platforms on Facebook , Instagram , or Twitter!


-MVC Meghan