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MVC Sponsor: Samsonite

Poms, costumes & boots. . . these are just a few of the crucial elements needed on game day for a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader. Behind the scenes on game day for a cheerleader, it's not just the 3 to 4 hours seen on TV, rather, it's an 8 hour day jammed pack with practices, appearances, and of course the actual game. Forgetting something at home, well let's just say, is not an option for these ladies. A two page packing list is what is required for these ladies to have a successful game day. It raises the question, how does one get all of that in one trip to the stadium?

Samsonite has given these girls a helping hand, giving all the ladies on the team a Samsonite Lift2 25" Spinner purple suitcase embellished with the MVC logo. The girls love the suitcases, they even had them for last year's trip to London which made travel easy. Believe it or not their heavy duty suitcases are plump full, and provide the perfect amount of space these girls need.

Additionally, you may find these suitcases around the world.  When the MVC travel to represent the Vikings, Samsonite comes with! This year our Samsonite suitcases will accompany us to the Mexico "Touchdown in the Tropics" event, the Arizona Pro Bowl, and to performance tours in Japan, Australia, Hawaii, Guam, and Alaska! As goes the saying, "pack everything but the kitchen sink," and well, Samsonite has allowed these girls to do so. Thank you Samsonite!!! 

Written by,

MVC Kelsey

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