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MVC Sponsor: Life Time Fitness


As a fan, do you ever wonder how The Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders keep their energy and stamina through game day? Well look no further, than to the expertise of physical training from the premier clubs of Life Time Fitness.  Trainers Ryan Svenby and Andrew Knuth, both out of the Lakeville Life Time club, are the two highly educated and experienced trainers that facilitate and motivate the 35 MVC ladies through two workouts a week at their practices.  The workouts with Life Time are also incorporated into the MVC Prep Classes, workshops and auditions.  Because Life Time is the official fitness and nutrition sponsor of the MVC, they have access to the best advice, trends and trainers in the fitness industry.  Each MVC is individually coached to achieve her goals and best level of fitness.   The focus of each workout may vary, with exercises such as resistance training, cardio, strength and yoga for flexibility.  

Thank you Life Time for not only getting the team photo shoot ready for our new calendar, but also for allowing us to shoot our calendar at the Lakeville Life Time Fitness Club! Make sure to check out the final product as it is available now at for purchase. The MVC is thrilled to showcase our love for fitness each and every day, and of course, especially on game day!!! SKOL Vikes!!!

Meet the trainers behind the MVC's Fitness:

Trainer: Ryan Svenby 

Training Background: B.S. - Exercise Science 


Muscle Activation Technique Jump Start 

Performance Enhancement Specialist

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Certified Metabolic Technician

Years with MVC: 6

First impressions of working with the MVC:Very talented and hard working profession women

Goal for the MVC this year: Be the fittest cheerleaders in the NFL! 

Favorite workout for yourself: Alpha training (found at Life Time Fitness) 

Best workout tip: workout smarter not harder.

Fun fact:Enjoying every minute of fatherhood with a 16 month old son.

Trainer: Andrew Knuth

Training Background:B.S. Exercise Science, Sports specific Training, NASM CPT, Metabolic Specialist.

Years with MVC: 1st Year

First impressions of working with the MVC: These Girls work much harder than people think. I love the drive and enthusiasm in everything they do.

Goal for the MVC this year: all girls reach their goal with minimal injuries and a better understanding of Nutrition.

Favorite workout for yourself:Front squat

Best workout tip: exercise and eating right IS the magic pill you're looking for.

Fun fact: favorite styles of music are blues and americana, but really any kind of music is awesome!

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