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MVC Power Team Recap 

Power Team Recap

Multiple times throughout the season, the MVC partake in a fitness test known as, "Power Team". Power team consists of various agility, strength, flexibility and stamina tests. To be a part of Power Team the MVC must complete the following:

-      5k in under 28 minutes

-      30 pushups in under 1 minute

-      40 sit-ups under 1 minute

-      2 full range of motion pull-ups

-      40 yard dash faster than 5.98 seconds

-      Shuttle run in under 25 seconds

-      2 minute plank

-      At least two out of the three splits

-      Broad jump farther than your height +6 inches

-      And ending with what they call "the Beast Mode Challenge," which consists of 100 yards worth of body weight lunges across the field in under 2 minutes.

 If the cheerleaders are able to complete all of the challenges listed above then they can officially consider themselves a member of the Power Team! Every year there is always a coveted, exclusive, Power Team t-shirt that only those who have successfully passed all the fitness tests can sport! It's an awesome motivational tool to keep the MVC fit throughout the season. This year they have already held three power team tests: The first Power Team consisted of 13 MVC making the cut, the second round 14 MVC made it, and during the most recent test, 15 MVC made it!

Do you think you have what it takes to make Power Team?

-MVC Sarah