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MVC Power Team


The MVC had their first Power Team Fitness Testing of the 2014 season last Tuesday night! 21 MVC made it onto the Power Team the first time around. AMAZING Job Ladies! The MVC do 4 tests throughout the season.The Power Team is a series of fitness tests including; a 3 mile run, pull ups, push ups, sit up's, planks, wall sits, killers, splits and even bear crawls! To make the Power Team, each MVC need to hit a certain number of reps OR meet a time requirement for each exercise. To make the Power Team a second time around, you must improve in at least one exercise. The MVC are always looking to improve! Congrats to the 21 lovely MVC on making the first Power Team of the season, and thank you to Lifetime Fitness for keeping our bodies in shape. We can't wait to see who will make the next Power Team!

*-Karen, 4th year veteran, team captain

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