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MVC: Military Appreciation Game Recap


Sunday's game was unlike any other we've had thus far. It was a game dedicated to honoring all of the men and women who have served as part of our great military. And what better way to celebrate than during thanksgiving week, when we are all feeling more thankful than ever. As a rookie this year, everything is new.  Every game has been something new and exciting, but even more emotions were streaming through my body this time. I felt everything from proud, to sad, to grateful, but most of all honored to be able to spend my day with some of the men and women who have fought for our country.

Our military men and women were honored throughout the day in numerous ways. The MVC started out the game with our usual starting line-up as the players were announced, but this time was even more special because we had military men and women in uniform run out of the tunnel with us! We even had two members of the Air National Guard grace us with their voices and sing the national anthem. The game was officially kicked off as Sergeant Thomas Block sounded the Gjallarhorn and First Sergeant Robert Renning witnessed the coin toss mid-field. A warmhearted soldier salute to some World War II vets was also taken place during the game. Perhaps one of the most memorable sights to see was when vikings fans and season ticket holders, who are all active members, dressed in uniform to display the American flag across the field as the national anthem was sung. To top off our day of military acknowledgement, the MVC and Viktor sported military inspired outfits. 

I feel honored to have been part of such an amazing experience. Though this special gameday only happens once a year, it is important to remember that there are men and women serving our country each and every day.  We as MVC are endlessly grateful for that tremendous sacrifice. God bless America and Skol Vikes! 

Written by,

Jordan, 1st year MVC

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